Create a flow in a solution

Flows you create in a solution are known as solution-aware flows. Follow these steps to create a solution-aware flow.


You need to have at least one solution before you can create a solution-aware flow.

Create the flow

  1. Sign in to Power Automate.

  2. Select Solutions from the navigation bar.

  3. Select the solution in which you'll create your flow.

  4. Select + New, and then select Flow.

    Power Automate opens.

  5. Use the available connectors and triggers to build your flow.

    In this example, we'll build a simple flow that sends a notification when an email arrives in your inbox.

  6. Search for and then select Office 365 Outlook.

  7. Select the When a new email arrives trigger.

  8. Select + New step.

  9. Select the Send me a mobile notification action.

  10. Add the Subject dynamic token to the Text field of the Send me a mobile notification box.

  11. Give your flow a name and then save the flow.

    Your flow should appear like this:

  12. Select Solutions to see your flow in the solution:

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