Create a cloud flow in a solution

Flows you create in a solution are known as solution-aware flows. Follow these steps to create a solution-aware flow.


You need to have at least one solution before you can create a solution-aware flow.

Create the flow

  1. Sign in to Power Automate.

  2. Select Solutions from the navigation bar.

    Screen showing the left navigation bar with the Solutions option hightlighted

  3. Select the solution in which you'll create your flow.

    Screen showing the list of solutions

  4. Select New, and then select Flow.

    Screen showing the different types of items that can be created with flow highlighted

    Power Automate opens.

  5. Use the available connectors and triggers to build your flow.

    In this example, we'll build a simple flow that sends a notification when an email arrives in your inbox.

  6. Search for and then select Office 365 Outlook.

  7. Select the When a new email arrives (V3) trigger.

  8. Select New step.

  9. Search for the word "Notification", and then select the Send me a mobile notification action.

  10. Add the Subject dynamic token to the Text field of the Send me a mobile notification box.

  11. Give your flow a name and then save the flow.

    Your flow should appear like this:

    Screenshot showing the flow that's created

  12. Select Solutions to see your flow in the solution:

    Screenshot that shows your flow inside the solution

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