Automate desktop flows

The flow designer includes the UI automation group of actions, which manipulate Windows applications and elements, by either providing input or extracting data.

Actions in the Windows subcategory directly manipulate entire UI windows, while Form Filling actions interact with more specific elements, such as text fields and buttons.

Desktop automation can be performed by either manually adding the required actions, or using the Desktop recorder.

Interacting with desktop applications

UI automation may be performed on any UI application interface, based entirely on windows and elements in the repository.

To configure a UI action, enter the element it will interact with:

Press button in window action

Existing UI elements may be added from the Repository, while new ones may also be added directly from the action's properties:

Adding new elements through a UI action

To add a new element, highlight it and press Ctrl & left-click:

Capturing new UI elements

After adding all the required elements, select Done to save them to the repository.

To extract a piece of data from a UI window, such as its title, location, or size, use the Get details of window action:

Get details of window action

Alternatively, to extract data from specific elements within a window, use the Get details of a UI element in window action:

Get details of a UI element in window action

You'll find the list of UI automation actions available in the Actions reference.


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