Connect to Office365Mon with Power BI

Analyzing your Office 365 outages and health performance data is easy with Power BI and the Office365Mon template app. Power BI retrieves your data, including outages and health probes, then builds an out-of-box dashboard and reports based on that data.

Connect to the Office365Mon template app for Power BI.


An Office365Mon admin account is required to connect and load the Power BI template app.

How to connect

  1. Select Get Data at the bottom of the nav pane.

    Screenshot of the Get Data button, showing it in the navigation pane.

  2. In the Services box, select Get.

    Screenshot of the Services dialog, showing the Get button.

  3. Select Office365Mon > Get.

    Screenshot of the Office365Mon dialog, showing the Get link.

  4. For Authentication Method, select oAuth2 > Sign In.

    When prompted, enter your Office365Mon admin credentials and follow the authentication process.

    Screenshot of the Connect to Office365Mon dialog, showing the o Auth2 in the Authentication Method field.

    Screenshot of the Office365Mon sign in, prompting for credentials.

  5. After Power BI imports the data you will see a new dashboard, report, and dataset in the nav pane. New items are marked with a yellow asterisk *, select the Office365Mon entry.

    Screenshot of the navigation pane in Power B I, showing the dashboard, report, and dataset.

What now?


If you get a "login failed" error after using your Office365Mon subscription credentials to login, then the account you are using doesn't have permissions to retrieve the Office365Mon data from your account. Verify it is an admin account and try again.

Next steps

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