Display the dashboards and reports that have been shared with me

APPLIES TO: Applies to.Power BI service for business users Applies to.Power BI service for designers & developers Does not apply to.Power BI Desktop Applies to.Requires Pro or Premium license

When a colleague shares a dashboard or a report with you, it appears in your Shared with me container. When a colleague shares an app with you, the app appears in your Apps container, and the app's reports and dashboards appear in your Shared with me container.

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Watch Amanda explain the Shared with me content list and demonstrate how to navigate and filter the list. Then follow the step-by-step instructions below the video to try it out yourself. For you to view dashboards shared with you, you need to have a Power BI Pro or Premium Per User (PPU) license. Read What is Power BI Premium? for details.


This video might use earlier versions of Power BI Desktop or the Power BI service.

Interact with shared content

You'll have options for interacting with the shared dashboards and reports, depending on the permissions the designer gives you. These include being able to make copies of the dashboard, subscribe, open the report in Reading view, and re-share with other colleagues. Select a dashboard or report to open it.

Search and sort shared dashboards and reports

If your Shared with me content list gets long, you have several options for finding what you need. Use the search field (1), sort by one of the columns (2), or use the Filters pane. To open the Filters pane, select Filters from the upper right corner.

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