Visualizations in Power BI

Data visualizations (aka visuals) allow you to interact with your data to find business insights. Create and modify visualizations in your reports, and then pin them to your dashboards.

If you're new to Power BI, or need a refresher, use the links below to learn the basics of Power BI visualizations. Alternately, use our Table of Contents (along the left side of this article) to find even more helpful information.

Add a visualization in Power BI

Create visualizations on the pages of your reports. Browse the list of available visualizations and available visualization tutorials.

Upload a custom visualization and use it in Power BI

Add a custom visualization that you created yourself or that you found in the Office store. Feeling creative? Dig into our source code and use our developer tools to create a new visualization type and share it with the community

Change the visualization type

Try changing the type of visualization to see which works best with your data.

Pin the visualization

When you have the visualization the way you want it, you can pin it to a dashboard as a tile. If you change the visualization in the report after you pin it, the tile on the dashboard doesn't change.

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