Enroll your US Government organization in the Power BI service

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The Power BI service has a version available for United States Government customers as part of the Office 365 US Government Community subscriptions. The Power BI service version discussed in this article is designed for US Government customers, and is separate and different from the commercial version of the Power BI service.

For more information about the Power BI service for US Government, including its features and limitations, check out Power BI for United States Government customers - Overview.


This article is intended for administrators who have authority to sign up their US Government organization for Power BI. If you are an end-user, contact your administrator about getting a subscription to Power BI for US Government.

Select the right sign-up process for your US Government organization

Your US Government organization might be new to the Office Government Cloud, or might already have a subscription. The following sections detail the sign-up steps based on where you are with the Office Government Cloud and Power BI, and are different based on your existing subscription.

Once you have signed up for Power BI US Government some features may not work until your sales or support representative completes your onboarding process. To find out about these features see the Power BI for United States Government customers - Overview. To complete the onboarding process to enable these features, contact your sales or support representative.

US Government organizations that are new Office Cloud customers

If your organization is a new Office Government Cloud customer, follow these steps:


These steps should be performed by the portal administrator.

  1. Go to https://products.office.com/government/office-365-web-services-for-government.


If you don't want to sign up for Office Government Cloud at this time, please reach out to your sales representative.

  1. Select Office G3 and complete the form for an Office trial
  2. Once you are an Office Cloud customer continue on with the steps below for "Existing Office Government Cloud customers"

Existing Office Government Cloud customers

If your organization is an existing Office Government Cloud customer, but you don't have a Power BI subscription (Free or otherwise), follow these steps:


These steps should be performed by the portal administrator.

  1. Sign in to your existing Office Government Cloud account and go to the admin portal

  2. Select Billing.

  3. Select Purchase Service.

  4. Select the Power BI Pro Government Option and choose between Try and Buy Now

  5. Complete your order

  6. Assign users to the account.

  7. Sign in to the Power BI service for US Government customers at https://app.powerbigov.us

Additional Signup Information

The below is additional information for signing up for Power BI US Government in various licensing migration cases.

Direct Power BI Trial to Pro Customer Onboarding

  • Click and follow through the Billing > Purchase Service > Power BI Pro Gov and select purchase and not Trial
  • Fill in the necessary and get the licenses
  • Remove the Power BI Pro Trial or remove the old licenses and Assign the new ones to the users
  • Sign in to https://app.powerbigov.us

Reseller Power BI Trial to Pro Customer Onboarding

Go to Billing > Subscriptions and select Power BI Pro for Government subscription. There you will see:

  • Available
  • Assigned
  • Assign to users links
  • If you still have the Trial assigned:
    • Click on Assigned under the Trial subscription and remove the users you want to add to paid
    • Go to the Paid subscription and assign those users

Whitelisting Instructions

Whitelisting is a process that the Power BI engineering team uses to move customers from the commercial cloud environment into the secure, Government cloud environment. This ensures that features available in the US Government cloud work as expected. All existing (or new) US Government customers that purchase US Government Power BI services for the first time must initiate the following whitelisting process. The process must be done prior to setup or migration to US Government Power BI services.

To have your tenant whitelisted for the US Government cloud, contact the Microsoft account team for assistance with whitelisting. Only administrators can make this request. The process for whitelisting takes approximately three weeks, during which the Power BI engineering team makes appropriate changes to ensure your tenant operates properly in the US Government cloud.

Customers migrating from Power BI Free licenses to Power BI US Government (and by definition, migrating to the associated Pro license features described earlier in this article) will encounter the issues described in the following section of this article, until their tenant is whitelisted by the Power BI engineering team.

Mixed Free and Pro licenses in US Government tenants

If you have both Free and US Government Pro licenses in your tenant, both Free and (US Government) Pro licenses remain present, but one or the other license types will not work properly. If your tenant successfully goes through the whitelisting process, then the following occurs:

  • Any Free license users will no longer be able to sign in to Power BI using Power BI Desktop, and will experience functionality gaps described in the following section.
  • All clients assigned to US Government Pro licenses will work as expected, including use of gateways, Power BI Desktop, and Mobile apps.

When using a mix of Free and Pro licenses in a US Government tenant, and going through the whitelisting process, the following can be expected:

Before whitelisting:

  • Users with Free licenses are running in commercial cloud

  • Pro US Government licenses show up in the portal, and the administrator can assign those licenses to users. Pro US Government users will not lose data from their Free licenses once the admin assigns a US Government Pro license. The assigned users have access Power BI Pro features for US Government customers, but the following bullet list functionality gaps will exist until the tenant is successfully whitelisted:

    • Gateway, Mobile, and Power BI Desktop can’t authenticate
    • You cannot access Azure commercial data sources
    • PBIX files must be manually uploaded from the commercial Power BI service
    • Power BI mobile apps are not available

After whitelisting:

  • Free users running in the commercial Power BI service can continue to run, but the they will stop authenticating as expected.
  • Pro users running in the US Government cloud can use the Power BI for US Government customers service as expected.

To identifying users in your tenant that are running the Free license of Power BI, administrators can run the licensing report, after which Free license users show up as Power BI Standard.

Next steps

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