Power BI for US Government customers

The Power BI service has a version available for United States Government customers as part of the Office 365 US Government Community subscriptions. The Power BI service version discussed in this article is specifically designed for US Government customers, and is separate and different from the commercial version of the Power BI service.

The following sections describe the features available to the US Government version of the Power BI service, clarifies some of the limitations, lists Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers (including how to sign up), and provides links for more information.

Features of Power BI US Government

It's important to note that Power BI US Government is only available as a Pro license, and is not available as a Free license. Certain features of the Power BI service are available in the Power BI US Government version of the service.

The following features are available to Power BI US Government customers, as they apply to Pro license functionality:

  • Create and view dashboards and reports
  • Data capacity limits
  • Scheduled data refresh
  • Refreshable team dashboards
  • Active Directory groups for sharing and managing access control
  • Import data and reports from Excel, CSV, and Power BI Desktop files
  • Data Management Gateway
  • All data is encrypted in both Azure SQL and Blob Storage for Power BI
  • Connect to services with content packs

Connectivity between Government and global Azure Cloud services

Azure is distributed among multiple clouds. By default, tenants are allowed to open firewall rules to a cloud-specific instance, but cross-cloud networking is different and requires opening specific firewall rules to communicate between services. If you are a Power BI customer and you have existing SQL instances in the public cloud which you need to access, you must open specific firewall rules in SQL to the Azure Government Cloud IP space, for the following datacenters:

  • USGov Iowa
  • USGov Virginia
  • USGov Texas
  • USGov Arizona

In the public cloud the IP spaces are available. For the government cloud, please refer to the downloadable Azure Government service documentation for the latest information.

Limitations of Power BI US Government

Some of the features that are available in the commercial version of the Power BI service are not available in the Power BI service for US Government customers. The Power BI team is actively working on making these features available to US Government customers, and will update this article when these features become available.

  • Embed in SharePoint Online - it is not possible to embed content in SharePoint Online using the Power BI web part. However, secure embed does work using the Embed web part. You must add app.powerbigov.us to the exception list, which can be achieved by following the instructions in the Allow or restrict the ability to embed content on SharePoint pages article.
  • Power BI US Government is only available as a Pro license. Any references to Power BI (Free) licenses in an admin portal (or as users) are running in a commercial Power BI service cloud.
  • Auditing - auditing is now available through the Office 365 Security and Compliance portal, as of June 2018.
  • External user sharing - sharing is allowed within a Power BI tenant, and as of June 2018, sharing is also allowed with users outside of your Power BI tenant. See distribute Power BI content to external guest users with Azure AD B2B.
  • Usage metrics for dashboards and reports - usage metrics are not available for reports and dashboards. Customers can use audit log data to get usage information for content in their organization.
  • Dataflows - Dataflows are not available.
  • Paginated reports - Paginated reports are currently available in USGov Virginia only. USGov Texas support is planned but not yet available.

If you have Power BI Free licenses assigned to your account, those accounts are running in a commercial version of the Power BI service, and are not part of the Power BI US Government offering. For those Free accounts, you may encounter the following issues:

  • Gateway, Mobile, and Desktop can’t authenticate
  • You cannot access Azure commercial data sources
  • PBIX files must be manually uploaded from commercial
  • Power BI mobile apps are not available

To resolve issues, please contact your account representative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the US Government version of the Power BI service

The following questions (and answers) are provided to help you quickly get information you need about the service.

Question: How do I migrate my commercial Power BI data to the Power BI service for US Government?

Answer: Your admin must create a new instance of Power BI under a separate, US Government-specific subscription. You can then replicate your commercial data in the Power BI service for US Government, remove your commercial license, and associate your existing domain to the new US Government-specific service.

Question: Why can't I connect to a specific content pack?

Answer: You need to ensure your subscription is enabled before connecting to that content pack.

Question: I'm interested in getting Power BI for my US Government organization. How do I get started?

Answer: Signing up (often called onboarding) might differ based on your existing license and subscription. See the Sign Up for Power BI US Government article for more information.

Question: Is the URL for connecting to Power BI for US Government different than the commercial Power BI URL? Is there a different URL for Government Community Cloud High (GCC High) customers?

Answer: Yes, the URLs are different. The following table shows each URL:

Commercial version URL US Government version URL US Government URL for GCC High
https://app.powerbi.com/ https://app.powerbigov.us https://app.high.powerbigov.us

Question: My account is provisioned in more than one national cloud. When using Power BI Desktop, how do I select which cloud to connect to?

Answer: Beginning with the July 2018 release of Power BI Desktop, you can choose which cloud you want to use when signing in to Power BI Desktop.

Next steps

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