Find and connect to an organizational content pack


Have you heard about the new apps yet? Apps are the new way to distribute content to large audiences in Power BI. We plan to deprecate organizational content packs soon, so we recommend using apps instead. Learn more about apps.

When anyone publishes an organizational content pack to your organization, to distribution or security groups, or to Office 365 groups that you belong to, it appears in AppSource. Browse or search AppSource to find and open organizational content packs.

Creating content packs is different from sharing dashboards or collaborating on them in a group. Read How should I collaborate on and share dashboards and reports? to decide on the best option for your situation.

Find an organizational content pack

Power BI Pro users can all go to AppSource, which displays content packs shared to their entire organization, to distribution or security groups, and to Office 365 groups they belong to.

  1. From the left Navigation Pane, select Get Data > My Organization > Get.
  2. Don't see the content pack you're looking for? Tap in the search box and type keywords:
  3. Select a content pack to reveal additional details.

Connect to an organizational content pack

  • Select Get it now to connect to the the content pack and add it to your active workspace. New dashboards, reports, Excel workbooks, and datasets are starred with a yellow asterisk.

If the content pack has an Excel workbook, you may see a warning that you don’t have permissions to view the workbook. If so, ask the content pack owner to share the workbook with you in OneDrive for Business.

The content pack is locked. You can save your own copy of the dashboard and reports.

Changes to the content pack

If the content pack owner changes the content pack, and:

  • You haven't made a copy The content pack updates automatically.
  • You have made a copy Your copy won't be updated.

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