Visualization interactions in a Power BI report

By default, visualizations on a report page can be used to cross-filter and cross-highlight the other visualizations on the page. For example, selecting a state on a map visualization highlights the column chart and filters the line chart to display only data that applies to that one state. See About filtering and highlighting.

To change this default behavior, use the Visual Interaction control. Visual interactions is only available in Editing view. If a report has been shared with you, you will not have access to Visual interactions.


The terms cross-filter and cross-highlight are used to distinguish the behavior described here from what happens when you use the Filters pane to filter and highlight visualizations.

  1. Select a visualization to make it active.
  2. Turn on Visual Interactions by selecting it from the top menu bar. Notice the filter and highlight icons that appear when you hover over the other visualizations on the report page.

  3. Determine what impact the selected visualization should have on the others.

    • If it should cross-filter the other visualization, select the filter icon .
    • If it should cross-highlight that visualization, select the highlight icon .
    • If it should have no impact, select the no impact icon .
  4. Optionally, repeat for all other visualizations on the report page.

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