Canvas components are generally available


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Enabled for Public preview Early access General availability
End users, automatically - - Apr 2020

Feature details

Canvas components are generally available for app makers to use in production apps with improved experiences and quality. App makers can share and update components with other makers by creating component libraries. Libraries are containers of component definitions that make it easy to discover and search for components, publish updates across environments, and notify app makers of available component updates. Data source references are also supported in components and several limitations of components, such as using components in gallery controls and forms, using collections in components, and exporting with related media files that have been removed.

Solution awareness of canvas components and apps that use them is also enabled through component libraries. Migrating an app and its dependencies across environments is now possible through Common Data Service solutions. Canvas apps and component libraries are handled very similarly and modeled under the same 'CanvasApp' entity.

Add new components from libraries