Overview of the model-driven app designer

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

The new model-driven app designer provides a modern WYSIWYG authoring experience when you work with model-driven apps. The designer includes several improvements not available in the classic model-driven app designer.

The designer shows a real-time WYSIWYG preview while you author an app. Changes to the app are instantly reflected in the preview, enabling you to see exactly how the app will appear to users when published.

The app designer interface has the following areas:

  1. Command bar – Displays available actions:

    • New page. Create a new page for one or more table forms and views or table dashboards for the app.
    • Settings. Opens the app properties such as name and description.
    • Switch to classic. Opens the app in the classic app designer.
    • Save. Saves the app.
    • Publish. Makes the app available to users in the environment.
    • Play. Opens a new tab to view the app at run time in a full browser window.
  2. App preview – Displays a real-time preview of the form as it will appear to users when published.

  3. Panes - The left navigation pane consists of the following areas:

    • Pages. Displays the components for you app. From the page area you can choose the forms, views, and dashboards you want to add or remove for each table.
    • Navigation. Displays a site map view of your app that is formed using areas, groups, and subareas. Add or remove groups and subareas to structure your app's navigation.
    • Data. Provides a view of all available data that’s currently included in your app or is available to add from your Dataverse environment.
  4. Property pane – Displays properties of the selected component, and also allows you to make changes.

  5. Preview size switcher - Changes the size of the form preview helping you to see how the form will appear on various screen sizes.

  6. Zoom slider - Zooms in or out of the app preview helping you take a closer look.

  7. Fit to width - Quick action to fit the app preview to the available width.

    Layout of the model-driven app designer that has the account and contact tables added.

Known limitations

  • You can’t add the following model-driven app components:
    • URLs
    • Business process flows
    • Charts
  • You can’t add more than one area to the app’s navigation site map.
  • You can’t change the app’s icon.
  • You can’t specify the app’s URL.


Select Switch to classic to use the classic designer to complete the app design tasks that aren't currently available in the new designer.

Next steps

Create a model-driven app using the app designer