Disables the usage log for Rights Management.


Disable-AadrmUsageLogFeature []



This cmdlet from the AADRM module is now deprecated. After July 15, 2020, this cmdlet name will be supported only as an alias to its replacement in the AIPService module.

For more information, see the overview page.

The Disable-AadrmUsageLogFeature cmdlet disables usage logging for the Azure Rights Management service. If you disable this logging, the cmdlet does not delete existing logs. If you enable usage logging again, logging begins at the point in the log where logging previously stopped.

Note: This cmdlet is not needed and will not run successfully after the usage logging change in February 2016. After this date, usage logging is automatically enabled and cannot be disabled; the only PowerShell cmdlet that you need for Azure Rights Management usage logging is Get-AadrmUserLog.

For more information about usage logging, see Logging and analyzing usage of the Azure Rights Management service.


Example 1: Disable usage logging

PS C:\>Disable-AadrmUsageLogFeature

This command disables the usage log for your organization.