Clears credentials for a user who is authenticated to the Azure RMS service.


Clear-RMSAuthentication []


The Clear-RMSAuthentication cmdlet clears the credentials that are used when a user has previously entered their user name and password to authenticate to Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS).

When you enter a user name and password to sign in to Azure RMS, the credentials are cached on the computer. Because these cached credentials are used across PowerShell sessions, to sign in as a different user, you must first run Clear-RMSAuthentication. You are then prompted for new credentials.

This cmdlet applies to Azure RMS only and when you authenticate as a user rather than a service principal. It does not apply to AD RMS.

Note: If you want to clear the credentials for a service principal that you specified with Set-RMSServerAuthentication, close your PowerShell session and start a new session that runs Set-RMSServerAuthentication with the new credentials.

This cmdlet is not supported for the Azure Information Protection unified labeling client.


Example 1: Clear authentication credentials

PS C:\>Clear-RMSAuthentication                        
Authentication cleared

This command clears the currently cached authentication credentials for a user who is authenticated to Azure RMS on a computer that is not joined to a domain.