Relevant for: AIP unified labeling and classic clients

Gets the configuration settings for the Azure Information Protection scanner.


Get-AIPScannerConfiguration []


The Get-AIPScannerConfiguration cmdlet gets the configuration settings for the Azure Information Protection scanner.

With the current version of the scanner, configuration settings are configured in the Azure portal so the Get-AIPScannerConfiguration cmdlet displays only the settings and values that you can configure with Set-AIPScannerConfiguration cmdlet.

These settings determine whether the scanner gets its configuration online or from a file that you export from the Azure portal, and the report level for the locally created reports.

In addition, if you run Import-AIPScannerConfiguration, this action automatically configures the scanner to get its configuration offline. As a result, when you run this Get-AIPScannerConfiguration cmdlet after importing settings from a file, OnlineConfiguration displays Off.


To provide a unified and streamlined customer experience, the Azure Information Protection classic client and Label Management in the Azure Portal are being deprecated as of March 31, 2021.

This time-frame allows all current Azure Information Protection customers to transition to our unified labeling solution using the Microsoft Information Protection Unified Labeling platform. Learn more in the official deprecation notice.


Example 1: Gets the configuration for the Azure Information Protection scanner

PS C:\> Get-AIPScannerConfiguration

OnlineConfiguration      : On
ReportLevel              : Info

This command gets the current PowerShell configuration settings for the Azure Information Protection scanner. In this example, the output shows that the scanner is using the default configuration for online configuration and the report level of information.