Relevant for: AIP classic client only

Gets a list of RMS servers that can issue templates.


Get-RMSServer []


The Get-RMSServer cmdlet returns a list of RMS servers that can issue rights policy templates to apply Rights Management protection.

This cmdlet is not relevant to Azure RMS and not necessary if you have a single Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) deployment. Use this cmdlet when you have multiple deployments of AD RMS, so that you can identify the server (or cluster) name to specify when you use the Get-RMSTemplate cmdlet to identify the template that you want to use.


To provide a unified and streamlined customer experience, the Azure Information Protection classic client and Label Management in the Azure Portal are deprecated as of March 31, 2021. While the classic client continues to work as configured, no further support is provided, and maintenance versions will no longer be released for the classic client.

We recommend that you migrate to unified labeling and upgrade to the unified labeling client. Learn more in our recent deprecation blog.


Example 1: Get a list of AD RMS servers that have templates

PS C:\>Get-RMSServer
Number of RMS Servers that can provide templates: 2

ConnectionInfo            DisplayName     AllowFromScratch

--------------            -----------     ----------------

Microsoft.Information     Contoso                     True
Microsoft.Information     Fabrikam                    True

This command gets a list of AD RMS servers by name that can provide templates.

When the servers are configured in an AD RMS cluster, the cluster name only is displayed.