Application-defined callback function, called by DXUT to allow changes in device settings before the device is created with DXUTCreateDevice.

bool LPDXUTCALLBACKMODIFYDEVICESETTINGS(DXUTDeviceSettings *pDeviceSettings,CONST D3DCAPS9 *pCaps,void*pUserContext);


  • pDeviceSettings
    [in] Pointer to a DXUTDeviceSettings structure that contains the settings for the new device.
  • pCaps
    [in] Pointer to the D3DCAPS9 structure that describes hardware capabilities.
  • pUserContext
    [in] Pointer to a user-defined value which is passed to the callback function. Typically used by an application to pass a pointer to a data structure that provides context information for the callback function. The default value is NULL

Return Values

Program the application to return true to continue creating the device. If not, the application should return false to continue using the current device if one exists.


Anything in pDeviceSettings can be changed by the application.

Note    DXUT will not prevent the failure of device creation caused by changes to device settings.


Header: Declared in Dxut.h.

See Also

DXUTCreateDevice, DXUTSetCallbackDeviceChanging