Deploying Your Site

You deploy a Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 Web site by obtaining and configuring the required hardware and software, installing Commerce Server 2000, unpacking your Web site, and putting in place the procedures for monitoring and managing your site. The overall deployment process falls into the stages described in this section.

This section contains:

  • Before You Deploy. Describes the items that should be completed before you begin the deployment process.

  • Setting Up Your Server Platforms. Explains how to set up development, test, and production environments so that you can move your site from a development environment, test it, and then deploy it. Explains how to configure your software platform before installing Commerce Server.

  • Installing Your Site. Explains how to install Commerce Server and unpack your Web sites on two different small site configurations.

  • Securing Your Site. Explains how to configure your sites to prevent unauthorized access to them.

  • Backing Up Your Site. Explains how to back up your site.

  • Updating Your Site. Explains how to update your site content and databases after the initial deployment.

  • Using Site Packager. Describes what you can do with Commerce Server Site Packager, and explains in general terms how to package and unpack a site. Also lists reference information for Site Packager.

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