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A cascading style sheet for HTML files is a template that contains information about the appearance of the HTML files. It defines some general information about the file, such as the background color and default font type. It also defines the font type, size and color, margins, and so on, for various styles. There are both paragraph styles, which format a whole paragraph, such as headings and attention paragraphs, and character styles, which you apply to one or more characters, such as field and table names.

The style sheet for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help is classic.css. To make your Help look like the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help, use the classic.css file and apply the styles that are described in this topic.

Paragraph Styles

This section contains descriptions of the paragraph styles in classic.css in the order in which they are likely to appear in a topic. The following table lists the available paragraph styles.

Type of paragraph Description Style to apply

Topic Heading

The first line in the topic.


Attention Heading

Heading for Warning, Note, Caution, Important, or Tip.

(Heading3) Attention

Attention Body Text

Body text Warning, Note, Caution, Important, or Tip.

(Normal) Attention

Secondary Heading

Heading in a topic. Infinitive heading in task topics. Also used in report and batch job topics.


Normal text

All body text that does not have special formatting.


Example Heading

Heading for an example.

(Heading3) Example

Example Body Text

Body text for an example.

(Normal) Example

Table Heading

A heading for a table row or column.

(Heading3) CellHeading


Command text, such as d:\fin\finw.exe

(Normal) Code

Link Heading

Heading before a list of links, such as See Also.


Character Styles

Only use the character styles that are described in the following table.

Type of topic Type of word Example Style to apply





Task Topic (only)

Text that the user must input (enter).

Output from the program.


In the No. field, enter CASH.

The field now contains 0.00.

In the Type field, select Item.


Task Topic (only)

Names of buttons, menu items or objects.

Choose Sales & Receivables, and then choose Customers.


Task Topic (only)

Keys on the keyboard

Keys like Enter or Ctrl

Bold button on the toolbar

User Interface Terminology

It is important that the user can easily recognize different terms in the documentation. All words and designations that come from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV user interface, such as field names, window names, tabs, and buttons, must be written exactly as they appear in the program. User interface elements should be capitalized and abbreviated as they appear in the program.

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