TestTableRelation Property

Sets whether to include this field when evaluating field relations between primary and secondary indexes.

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Property Value

Yes if you want to test the table relationship for this field; otherwise, No. The default is Yes.


You may want to use this property to exclude certain fields from the table relation test. For example, if a table in your application has a field that is a foreign key, but records from the other table may have been deleted, then you would not want to test the relationship with this table. Only set this property to No if you are certain that testing this relationship would only cause errors that do not compromise the consistency of your application tables.

This test is available from the Database option on the File menu. You can use this property to limit the number of relationships that are tested.

If you set the ValidateTableRelation property to No, then you should also set the TestTableRelation property to No. Otherwise, a database test on the field relations in a database may fail.

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