Extending the IIS ADSI Schema

This section describes the choices and tasks that are involved in extending the metabase schema in the case that no existing object classes or properties meet your configuration needs.

The IIS ADSI Schema defines the group of objects that can be stored in the metabase. The Schema Management Objects represent the IIS ADSI Schema. The IIS ADSI Schema does not represent the ADSI object hierarchy, but you can think of it as an information store.

There are essentially two ways that you can extend the ADSI environment to automate tasks. The first way is to extend the IIS ADSI schema by adding custom classes and properties. The second and more powerful way is to add custom methods by implementing a custom DCOM extension and registering it with the object that you want to enhance.


The IIS schema can only be extended using ADSI. You cannot extend the schema with WMI or ABO.

This section includes the following topics:

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