MessageInterceptor Members


Raises an event when an arriving SMS message satisfies the interception rule condition.

The following tables list the members exposed by the MessageInterceptor type.

Public Constructors

  Name Description
MessageInterceptor Overloaded.  


Public Properties

  Name Description
ms886584.pubproperty(en-us,MSDN.10).gif ApplicationArguments Gets any optional parameters to pass to the intercepting application.
ms886584.pubproperty(en-us,MSDN.10).gif ApplicationLaunchId Gets the identifier of the intercepting application.
ms886584.pubproperty(en-us,MSDN.10).gif ApplicationToLaunch Gets the name of the intercepting application.
ms886584.pubproperty(en-us,MSDN.10).gif InterceptionAction Gets or sets the action performed on the intercepted SMS message.
ms886584.pubproperty(en-us,MSDN.10).gif MessageCondition Gets or sets a value indicating the condition an arriving SMS message must satisfy to be intercepted.


Public Methods

(see also Protected Methods )

  Name Description
ms886584.pubmethod(en-us,MSDN.10).gif DisableApplicationLauncher Disables an already enabled application from launching if an arriving SMS message satisfies the interception rule condition.
ms886584.pubmethod(en-us,MSDN.10).gif Dispose Disposes a MessageInterceptor.
ms886584.pubmethod(en-us,MSDN.10).gif EnableApplicationLauncher Overloaded.  
ms886584.pubmethod(en-us,MSDN.10).gif Equals  Overloaded. (inherited from Object )
ms886584.pubmethod(en-us,MSDN.10).gif GetHashCode  (inherited from Object )
ms886584.pubmethod(en-us,MSDN.10).gif GetType  (inherited from Object )
ms886584.pubmethod(en-us,MSDN.10).gif ms886584.static(en-us,MSDN.10).gif IsApplicationLauncherEnabled Get a value indicating if a message interceptor application launcher with the given identifier has already been enabled.
ms886584.pubmethod(en-us,MSDN.10).gif ms886584.static(en-us,MSDN.10).gif ReferenceEquals  (inherited from Object )
ms886584.pubmethod(en-us,MSDN.10).gif ToString  (inherited from Object )


Protected Methods

  Name Description
ms886584.protmethod(en-us,MSDN.10).gif Finalize Overridden. Performs application-defined tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources, and performs other cleanup operations before garbage collection is performed.
ms886584.protmethod(en-us,MSDN.10).gif Load Loads the properties for an existing Message Interceptor.
ms886584.protmethod(en-us,MSDN.10).gif MemberwiseClone  (inherited from Object )
ms886584.protmethod(en-us,MSDN.10).gif ms886584.static(en-us,MSDN.10).gif RefreshRules Causes Pocket Outlook to reload all of the registered interception rules.


Public Events

  Name Description
ms886584.pubevent(en-us,MSDN.10).gif MessageReceived Occurs when an arriving SMS message satisfies the interception rule condition.


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