VBScript 5.5 Overview

The VBScript 5.5 feature for Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET provides a run-time engine for parsing and translating Microsoft Visual Basic® Scripting Edition 5.5.

Microsoft VBScript®, a subset of the Visual Basic programming language, is a fast, portable, lightweight interpreter for use in Internet browsers and other applications that use Microsoft ActiveX® Controls, Automation servers, and Java language applets. Effective with version 4.2, Windows CE .NET supports two optional features:

  • script authoring, which enables DHTML Dynamic Properties, through the __SYSGEN_VBSCRIPT_AUTHOR Sysgen flag.
  • MsgBox and InputBox user interface, through the __SYSGEN_VBSCRIPT_UI flag.

Script debugging is not supported, and Windows CE .NET does not include type libraries for script interfaces.

Hosting for VBScript 5.5 is provided by the Browser Control Host (SHDOCVW) in Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows CE. Note that Pocket Internet Explorer cannot host VBScript. However, you can create your own host application by using Microsoft ActiveX Scripting, which enables a host to compile scripts, obtain and call entry points, and manage the namespace available to the developer.

Feature Summary

The following table shows operating system design information for VBScript 5.5.

Element Information
Dependencies None
Hardware considerations None

Modules and Components

The following table shows the components and modules that implement VBScript 5.5.

Item Module Component
VBScript engine vbscript None
VBScript script authoring vbsauthor None
VBScript MsgBox and InputBox user interface vbsui None

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