RemotePresence Methods

The RemotePresence type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public method BeginAddTargets Add target in the subscription dispatcher and also start the subscription for given target.
Public method BeginPresenceQuery Begin a presence query request for a given list of targets for the given set of presence categories.
Public method BeginRefresh Invoke the refresh operation on all active subscriptions; the client should expect to receive notifications for targets in this batch, for whom subscription is active.
Public method BeginRemoveAllTargets Invoke Terminate on all existing subscriptions, which are not already terminating.
Public method BeginRemoveTarget Remove target from the subscription dispatcher and start terminating the existing subscription.
Public method EndAddTargets Complete the async operation started by BeginAddTarget.
Public method EndPresenceQuery Complete the async operation initiated by the BeginPresenceQuery.
Public method EndRefresh Complete the async operation started by BeginRefresh.
Public method EndRemoveAllTargets Complete the async operation started by BeginTerminate.
Public method EndRemoveTarget Complete the async operation started by BeginremoveTarget.
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Public method GetCurrentSubscriptionState Return the current subscription state for a given target.
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