Line Object

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Represents an individual line in a Rectangle object of type wdTextRectangle. Use the Line object and related methods and properties to programmatically define page layout in a document.

Using the Line Object

Use the Item method to return a specific Line object. The following example accesses the first line in the first rectangle in the first page of the active document.

Dim objLine As Line

Set objLine = ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow _

Use the LineType property to determine whether the specified line is a text line (wdTextLine) or a table row (wdTableRow). Then use the Range property to access the contents and formatting for the line. The following example creates a reference to the table if the specified line type is wdTableRow.

Dim objLine As Line
Dim objTable As Table

Set objLine = ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow _

If objLine.LineType = wdTableRow Then _
    Set objTable = objLine.Range.Tables(1)

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