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A field value class for an ImageField object that represents an IMG tag and specific key attributes for that tag.

The ImageFieldValue type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method ImageFieldValue() Constructs a new empty instance of a ImageFieldValue object.
Public method ImageFieldValue(String) Constructs a new instance of a ImageFieldValue object using an <IMG> tag in the inputHTML parameter.



  Name Description
Public property Alignment Gets or sets the alignment of the Image object in relation to other elements on the Web page.
Public property AlternateText Gets or sets the alternate text that appears as an image tooltip or when the image is unavailable.
Public property BorderWidth Gets or sets the width of the border around the image.
Public property Height Gets or sets the explicit height, in pixels, used to allow a Web browser to scale the image.
Public property HorizontalSpacing Gets or sets the horizontal spacing, in pixels, on the right and left side of the image.
Public property Hyperlink Gets or sets the URL for the optional hyperlink on this image.
Public property ImageUrl Gets or sets the URL of the image for this ImageFieldValue object.
Public property OpenHyperlinkInNewWindow Gets or sets a Boolean value that determines whether to open an image hyperlink URL in a new window when the link is clicked.
Public property VerticalSpacing Gets or sets the vertical spacing, in pixels, on the top and bottom of the image.
Public property Width Gets or sets the explicit width, in pixels, that can be used to allow a Web browser to scale the image.



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Public method ToString Returns an HTML string with an <IMG> tag with properties as they are currently set in this object. (Overrides HtmlTagValue.ToString().)


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