Prepare the network for Groove Server Manager


Applies to: Groove Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2009-10-02

This article provides information and procedures about how to adjust port settings to support Groove Server Manager.

In this article:

  • Before you begin

  • Confirm or adjust port settings

Before you begin

Prepare an IIS server to support Groove Server Manager, as described in Install and configure IIS for Groove Server Manager.

Confirm or adjust port settings

Groove Server Manager installation ensures that Window Firewall is enabled and the necessary incoming port exceptions are set. Verify incoming port settings, and configure outgoing and optional port settings as described in the following procedure.

To confirm and adjust port settings for Groove Server Manager, follow these steps

  1. Address the requirements in Before you begin.

  2. On the prepared IIS server, open the Windows Firewall Control Panel item, click the Change Settings button, and then click Exceptions.

  3. Confirm that incoming port settings comply with the specifications in Plan port configurations for Groove Server

  4. Ensure that the outgoing ports are configured as follows:

    • Outbound to SQL port 1433/TCP on a dedicated server to deposit user content in designated database.

    • Outbound to SMTP port 25/TCP on a defined SmartHost to send user e-mail with Groove account configuration or restoration codes.

    • Outbound to SOAP port 8009/TCP on Groove Server Relay to deposit relay administration messages.

    • Outbound to the Microsoft remote procedure call (MS-RPC) port 135/TCP or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) port 389/TCP on Active Directory server to access user information.