Install and configure IIS for Groove Server Manager


Applies to: Groove Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2010-11-03

This article describes how to set up Internet Information Services (IIS) on a clean Windows server to support a Groove Server Manager installation. Groove Server Manager is a Web-based application that provides a Web-based administrative interface. As such, it relies on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and you must configure an IIS server to support the Groove Server Manager Web site.

In this article:

  • Before you begin

  • Setup IIS for Groove Server Manager

Before you begin

Identify a clean, dedicated server for the IIS setup and eventual Groove Server Manager installation and observe the following guidelines:

  • The server must not be a domain controller or a computer that has Microsoft SharePoint Workspace or Groove Server Relay installed on it. If any of these applications is present, the Groove Server Manager installation process will fail.

  • The server must not contain any server application other than those specified in this and supporting documents.

  • The server must not be the SQL Server computer that will supply the back-end support for Groove Server Manager. This configuration is not supported.

Setup IIS for Groove Server Manager

The following procedure describes how to configure IIS on the same Windows Server computer where you will install the Groove Server Manager software. Installing Groove Server Manager on an existing production Web server falls outside the scope of the Help; if you choose to do this, contact a Microsoft Support technician for guidance.

To set up IIS for Groove Server Manager

  1. Address the requirements in Before you begin.

  2. Install a clean version of Windows Server 2008 x64 on a clean, dedicated computer that meets the specifications in System requirements for Groove Server 2010.

  3. Specify IIS settings as described in the table that follows this procedure.

  4. When you finish setting up IIS, configure SMTP and network settings as described in Configure SMTP for Groove Server Manager and Prepare the network for Groove Server Manager.

When you subsequently install the Groove Server Manager on the IIS server, the Manager software will create a default Web site, adding the necessary files to IIS. For a list of the Groove Server Manager Web site directories in IIS, see Groove Server Manager directory reference.

Setting Value

Add Server Feature

SMTP Server

Add Server Role

Web Server (IIS 7.0)

Add Server Role Services for IIS:

Common HTTP Features

Static Content

Default Document (required for ASP.NET)

Application Development


.NET Extensibility


ISAPI Extensions

ISAPI Filters

Health and Diagnostics

HTTP Logging

Request Monitor (recommended)


Windows Authentication

Request Filtering (recommended)

Management Tools

IIS Management Console

IIS 6 Management Compatibility

IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility

IIS 6 WMI Compatibility

IIS 6 Scripting Tools

IIS 6 Management Console