Administering Reporting Services

A Reporting Services installation consists of several server-side components that you need to manage and maintain. The server components include:

  • The Report Server Web service, which runs on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).
  • The Report Server Windows service, which handles scheduled operations and report delivery.
  • The report server database.

This section contains topics to help you administer a Reporting Services installation.

Requirements for Administering Reporting Services

To fully administer a Reporting Services installation, you must have the following permissions:

  • Membership in the local Administrator group on the report server computer. If your installation includes server components that run on remote computers, you must have administrator permissions on those computers if you want to manage those servers over a remote connection.
  • Database administrator permissions for the SQL Server instance that hosts the database.
  • If you are installing Reporting Services on a domain controller, you must be a domain administrator.

In This Section

The following table describes topics in other sections that are useful to report server administrators.

Topic Description

Deploying Reporting Services

Describes deployment topologies and configuration options.

Scripting Deployment and Administrative Tasks

Explains how to automate administrative functions using script.

Managing and Working With Published Reports

Contains information about content management, role-based security, report distribution, and report processing.

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