Lesson 3: Modifying Measures, Attributes and Hierarchies

After defining, deploying, and processing your initial cube, and then reviewing dimension and cube data in Business Intelligence Development Studio, you are ready to improve the usefulness and friendliness of the cube.


A completed project through Lesson 2 is available by downloading and installing the updated samples. For more information, see Obtaining Updated Samples in Installing Samples.

This lesson contains the following tasks:

  • Modifying Measures
    In this task, you specify formatting properties for the currency and percentage measures in the Analysis Services Tutorial cube.
  • Modifying the Customer Dimension
    In this task, you modify user hierarchies, delete unused attributes, create named calculations, modify attributes to use named calculations, and group attributes and user hierarchies into display folders.
  • Modifying the Time Dimension
    In this task, you modify user hierarchies, modify attribute member names, and use composite keys to specify unique attribute members.
  • Modifying the Product Dimension
    In this task, you define a new user hierarchy, create named calculations, define the All member name, delete unnecessary attributes, and define display folders.

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