Tutorial: Adding Grouping, Sorting, and Formatting to a Basic Report

This tutorial is designed to help you explore additional features in report design by building upon the basic table report created in the previous tutorial. In this tutorial, you will open the report project, add grouping and sorting to the table, add a new column to the table, add a subtotal, provide some formatting, preview the report, and publish the report to a report server.


Your system must have the following installed to use this tutorial:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services.


    To complete this tutorial, you must be running Reporting Services in native mode. If you are running Reporting Services in SharePoint integrated mode, the steps that use report server URLs will not work. For more information about Reporting Services modes, see Deployment Modes for Reporting Services. For more information about deploying projects, see Deploying Reports, Models, and Shared Data Sources to a SharePoint Site.

  • SQL Server 2005 with the AdventureWorks OLTP database.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.

  • SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Development Studio.


    Business Intelligence (BI) Development Studio is not supported on Itanium-based computers. However, support for BI Development Studio is available for x64-based computers. If the SQL Server sample databases have been deployed on an Itanium-based computer, use BI Development Studio on either an x86-based or x64-based computer to modify and run the samples.

You must also have permissions to retrieve data from the AdventureWorks database and to publish reports to the report server.

This tutorial requires that you have completed the previous tutorial, Creating a Basic Report.


Lesson 1: Opening the Tutorial Project

Lesson 2: Adding a Group

Lesson 3: Adding a New Column

Lesson 4: Sorting the Detail Data

Lesson 5: Adding a Subtotal

Lesson 6: Applying Formatting and Style

Lesson 7: Publishing the Updated Report


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