Map Point Size Rules Dialog Box, General

Select General on the Map Point Size Rules Properties dialog box to specify rules that control marker size. These options apply to all markers on the layer and override options set on the Map Point Properties Dialog Box, General page.

To override the marker size for a specific embedded point, use options on the Embedded Marker Page, Map Dialog Boxes page.


  • Use default marker size
    Select this option to set the default value for marker size.

  • Visualize data by using size
    Select this option to vary the size of each marker based on a numeric value from a data field. For more information about relating analytical data and map elements, see Varying Polygon, Line, and Point Display by Using Rules and Analytical Data (Report Builder 3.0 and SSRS).

  • Data field
    Type a field or expression that represents the analytical data.

  • Start size
    Specify the smallest size. The default value is 1pt.

  • End size
    Specify the largest size. The default value is 30pt.

  • Size
    Specify a size. The default value is 10pt.