Subscriber Properties

The Subscriber Properties dialog box contains information relevant to Subscribers running versions of Microsoft SQL Server before SQL Server 2005.


  • Agent Connection to the Subscriber
    The context under which the Distribution Agent and Merge Agent connect from the Distributor to the Subscriber This applies only to versions before SQL Server 2005.

    Select Impersonate agent process account to make connections to the Subscriber using the context of the SQL Server Agent account at the Distributor, or specify SQL Server Authentication, and then enter a value for Login and Password. Microsoft recommends that you select Impersonate agent process account.

    For SQL Server 2005 and later versions, connection information is specified for each subscription in the New Subscription Wizard and can be changed in the Subscription Properties dialog box.

  • Default Agent Schedules
    The default schedule used in the New Subscription Wizard for Subscribers running versions of SQL Server before SQL Server 2000.

  • Miscellaneous
    Includes information on the Subscriber and Subscriber type.