Backing up WSUS data

Applies To: Forefront Client Security

WSUS works with Client Security to deploy the latest Microsoft product updates to computers in your network. If you have deployed WSUS, you should include WSUS data in your backup plan for your Client Security deployment.

There are two important things to back up when backing up WSUS data:

  • WSUS metadata

  • WSUS update files

This section discusses the basic requirements for backing up the WSUS metadata and update files. For more information about backing up WSUS, see Backing Up Windows Server Update Services ( at Microsoft TechNet.

WSUS metadata

The WSUS metadata is contained in the WSUS database. This data includes:

  • Configuration information for the WSUS server.

  • Update metadata, including Microsoft Software License Terms.

  • Client computer information, including updates and client interaction with updates.

This database can be backed up using the Backup tool for Windows or the Transact-SQL BACKUP command.


If you use Backup to back up the WSUS database files, be sure to use the Volume Shadow Copy Service backup feature. Otherwise, the files may not back up properly.

The WSUS database is located by default in the %systemdrive%\WSUS\WSUSContent folder on your WSUS server. The associated Master and MSDB databases should also be backed up.

The WSUS database is necessary for WSUS to function properly. It is recommended that you create database backups of the WSUS database on a weekly basis.

WSUS update files

The WSUS update files are executable files that are stored on the hard disk of the WSUS server. These files can be backed up using Backup. By default, update files are stored in the %systemdrive%\WSUS\WSUSContent folder on your WSUS server.

It is not a requirement to back up the WSUS update files. However, if these files are not backed up, WSUS will need to download them again from the Microsoft Web site when you restore your WSUS configuration. These files comprise several gigabytes of data. Doing monthly backups of the WSUS update files by using Backup will save time when restoring your WSUS deployment.


Restoring WSUS data