Managing and repairing links

Before you publish a site, you should always test all links. These include hyperlinks and references to source files, such as pictures and external CSS files.

When you want to review the status of all links in a site, you can use the Hyperlinks panel or the Hyperlinks report in the Reports view in the Web Site window. Either method enables you to edit links by using the Edit Hyperlink dialog box. If you want to review the links to and from only one file at a time, you can use the Hyperlinks view in the Web Site window instead. If you test hyperlinks in Microsoft Expression Web by holding down the CTRL key and clicking the hyperlinks in a web page, Expression Web will open the intended destinations.

If your site contains files that aren't being used, you may want to remove any extraneous files from your site to eliminate unnecessary clutter and to reduce the size of your entire site. You can generate an Unlinked Files report to list all files in your site and show the number of hyperlinks to and from each file.

On a site that uses Expression Web metadata, Expression Web can automatically synchronize site data, database information, hyperlinks, and categories. For more information, see Recalculate hyperlinks.

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