Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client Namespace

The Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client namespace provides the APIs that are required for a client application to work with the version control functionality in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.

This namespace provides methods and classes that enable you to work with the version control features of Team Foundation Server. You can access the APIs that represent version-controlled files and folders, changes and pending changes, shelvesets, merges, branches, and team projects.

The VersionControlServer class represents the Team Foundation Server repository. You can use this class to perform tasks such as the following:

  • Execute queries.

  • Check in shelvesets.

  • Get changesets.

  • Create workspaces.

The Item class represents a file or folder that is registered to the repository. The Change object represents an individual change. It also contains references to the item that is affected by the change and the type of change that occurred. The Changeset class represents the collection of changes to a file or folder in the repository.

The PendingChange class represents a change that has not been committed to the repository. The PendingSet class represents a collection of pending changes.

The Shelveset class represents changes that are set aside for later work or check-in.

The Conflict class represents a difference between two items in a the repository.


  Class Description
Public class AcceptMergeNamespaceConflictRequiresDestinationException Describes an AcceptMergeNamespaceConflictRequiresDestinationException.
Public class AcceptMergeVersionConflictRequiresDestinationException Describes an AcceptMergeVersionConflictRequiresDestinationException.
Public class AcceptYoursRenameTheirsRequiresDestinationException Describes an AcceptYoursRenameTheirsRequiresDestinationException.
Public class AccessControlEntryFromVersionControl Represents an AccessControlEntry object from version control.
Public class AccessEntry Describes an Access Control List permission entry.
Public class AdminRepositoryInfo Data structure returned by the QueryRepositoryInformation method.
Public class AdvancedToolParameters Class used to pass advanced parameters to the tool execution implementors
Public class AffectedTeamProjects Represents the team projects that are affected by a set of pending changes.
Public class AffectedTeamProjectsEventArgs The event that describes a list of team projects.
Public class ArtifactIdentifierRequiredException Describes an ArtifactIdentifierRequiredException.
Public class ArtifactNotFoundException Exception to indicate an artifact was not found.
Public class AssociatedWorkItemInfo Represents a set of information about the work items.
Public class AuthorizationException Describes an AutorizationException.
Public class AutoMergeDisallowedException Exception that is thrown when an automerge is attempted on a conflict for which automerge is disallowed.
Public class BadChecksumException Describes a BadChecksumException.
Public class BaselineUnavailableException Thrown by the client when an undo wanted to put content on disk, but could not because a baseline was not available offline.
Public class BranchHistoryTreeItem The branch history tree item node type that represents an individual node in a branch topology tree.
Public class BranchObject Describes properties of a BranchObject class that are relevant to the repository.
Public class BranchObjectCreatedEventArgs Argument for the branch object created event.
Public class BranchObjectDeletedEventArgs Argument for the branch object deleted event.
Public class BranchObjectOwnership Used to return branch root information from the repository.
Public class BranchObjectUpdatedEventArgs Event arguments for branch object updated.
Public class BranchProperties Describes properties of a branch object.
Public class BranchRelative Represents a row from the QueryBranches object.
Public class BranchSourceNotCommittedException Describes a BranchSourceNotCommittedException.
Public class CancelException Obsolete. Exception for user-requested cancellation of the actions of the client.
Public class CannotBranchDestroyedContentException Describes a CannotBranchDestroyedContentException.
Public class CannotChangeRootFolderException Describes a CannotChangeRootFolderException.
Public class CannotChangeWorkspaceOwnerException Describes a CannotChangeWorkspaceOwnerException.
Public class CannotCheckinAllWithEditException Describes a CannotCheckinAllWithEditException.
Public class CannotCheckinDependantRenameException Describes a CannotCheckinDependantRenameException.
Public class CannotCheckinPartialUndeleteException Describes a CannotCheckinPartialUndeleteException.
Public class CannotCheckinRenameAsPendingAddConflictsException Describes a CannotCheckinRenameAsPendingAddConflictsException.
Public class CannotCheckinRenameDueToChildConflictException Represents an exception occurred when the client cannot check in the rename because of child conflict.
Public class CannotCreateFilesInRootException Describes a CannotCreateFilesInRootException.
Public class CannotCreateParentFolderException Describes a CannotCreateParentFolderException.
Public class CannotDeleteTeamProjectFolderException Describes a CannotDeleteTeamProjectFolderException.
Public class CannotDestroyRootException Describes a CannotDestroyRootException.
Public class CannotFindLatestChangesetException Describes a CannotFindLatestChangesetException.
Public class CannotLockException Describes a CannotLockException.
Public class CannotMergeDestroyedFileException Describes a CannotMergeDestroyedFileException.
Public class CannotMergeUnderSourceException Describes a CannotMergeUnderSourceException.
Public class CannotMergeWithExistingConflictException Describes a CannotMergeWithExistingConflictException.
Public class CannotMergeWithWorkspaceSpecAndPendingDeleteException Describes a CannotMergeWithWorkspaceSpecAndPendingDeleteException.
Public class CannotMoveToRootException Describes a CannotMoveToRootException.
Public class CannotPendChangeOnDestroyedFileException Describes a CannotPendChangeOnDestroyedFileException.
Public class CannotPendEditOnDeletedFileWithGetLatestException Describes a CannotPendEditOnDeletedFileWithGetLatestException.
Public class CannotPendEditOnRenamedFileWithGetLatestException Describes a CannotPendEditOnRenamedFileWithGetLatestException.
Public class CannotRenameBackToOriginalSourceException Describes a CannotRenameBackToOriginalSourceException.
Public class CannotRenameDueToChildConflictException Describes a CannotRenameDueToChildConflictException.
Public class CannotResolveAcceptMergeWithNonexistentVersionException Describes a CannotResolveAcceptMergeWithNonexistentVersionException.
Public class CannotResolveBecauseShelvesetDeletedException Represents an exception occurred when the client cannot resolve because of shelve set is deleted.
Public class CannotResolveConflictAsAutoMerge Describes a CannotResolveConflictAsAutoMerge.
Public class CannotResolveDeletedItemWithAcceptMergeException Describes a CannotResolveDeletedItemWithAcceptMergeException.
Public class CannotResolveDueToRenameAndDelete Represents an exception that occurred when the client cannot resolve due to rename and delete.
Public class CannotResolveToPartialUndeleteException Describes a CannotResolveToPartialUndeleteException.
Public class CannotSetMappingOnRenameException Describes a CannotSetMappingOnRenameException.
Public class CannotShelvePartialUndeleteException Describes a CannotShelvePartialUndeleteException.
Public class CannotSpecifyNewNameException Describes a CannotSpecifyNewNameException.
Public class CannotTakeCheckoutLockInLocalWorkspaceException Represents an exception that occurs when the client cannot take the checkout lock in the local workspace.
Public class CannotUndeleteTeamProjectFolderException Describes a CannotUndeleteTeamProjectFolderException.
Public class CannotUndoItemExistingLockConflictsException Describes a CannotUndoItemExistingLockConflictsException.
Public class CannotUndoRenameDueToChildConflictException Represents an exception occurred when the client cannot undo the renaming process due to child conflict.
Public class CannotUnlockException Describes a CannotUnlockException.
Public class Change Represents an individual change to an item.
Public class ChangeAlreadyPendingException Describes a ChangeAlreadyPendingException.
Public class Changeset Represents a set of changes committed to the repository.
Public class ChangesetAuthorMustBeNonGroupException Describes a ChangesetAuthorMustBeNonGroupException.
Public class ChangesetMerge Represents a merge of one changeset into another changeset.
Public class ChangesetMergeDetails Represents the information about a changeset merge.
Public class ChangesetNotFoundException Describes a ChangesetNotFoundException.
Public class ChangesetReconciledEventArgs Event arguments describing a reconcile-to-changeset event
Public class ChangesetSummary Represents additional information about a changeset.
Public class ChangesetVersionSpec Specifies a version based on a changeset number.
Public class CheckinConflict This class represents conflicts that are recorded by check-in evaluation.
Public class CheckinEvaluationResult This class holds the results of an evaluation of a set of changes that will be checked in.
Public class CheckinException Exception to indicate that conflicts occurred that prevented check-in.
Public class CheckinNote Represents the check-in notes that are part of a changeset.
Public class CheckinNoteFailure A class that describes a failure in check-in note evaluation.
Public class CheckinNoteFieldDefinition Represents a check-in note field definition.
Public class CheckinNoteFieldValue Represents a check-in note field value.
Public class CheckInParameters Represents data that is required for a checkin.
Public class CheckoutLockRequiredException Describes a CheckoutLockRequiredException.
Public class CheckoutLocksDisabledException Describes a CheckoutLocksDisabledException.
Public class CommitCheckinEventArgs Argument for the commit check-in event.
Public class CommitShelvesetEventArgs Argument for commit shelveset event.
Public class CommittedBranchCreatedEventArgs Arguments for a committed branch created event.
Public class Conflict Represents a single conflict between two items.
Public class ConflictEventArgs Event arguments describing actions on a conflict.
Public class ContentNotUploadedException Describes a ContentNotUploadedException.
Public class ContentRequiredException Describes a ContentRequiredException.
Public class CorruptBaselineException Represents an exception occurred due to corrupted baseline.
Public class CouldNotAddProxyException Describes a CouldNotAddProxyException.
Public class CouldNotDeleteProxyException Describes a CouldNotDeleteProxyException.
Public class CreateBranchObjectException Describes a CreateBranchObjectException.
Public class CreateWorkspaceParameters A CreateWorkspaceParameters object encapsulates all the information that is required to call VersionControlServer.CreateWorkspace.
Public class DateVersionSpec Specifies a version based on a date/time stamp.
Public class DateVersionSpecBeforeBeginningOfRepositoryException Describes a DateVersionSpecBeforeBeginningOfRepositoryException.
Public class DefaultToolExecutionResult The default tool results which is basically an empty implementation of the tool result for assembly tools
Public class DeletedShelvesetEventArgs Argument for DeletedShelveset event.
Public class DeltaException Describes a DeltaException.
Public class DepthOneMappingsNotSupportedException Exception to indicate that the server does not support mappings with 1 level of depth.
Public class DestroyedContentUnavailableException Describes a DestroyedContentUnavailableException.
Public class DestroyEventArgs Event arguments for destroyed items.
Public class Difference Contains methods for performing difference (diff) operations on two files.
Public class DiffItemLocalFile Represents a local file that was prepared for difference operations.
Public class DiffItemLocalWorkspace IDiffItem class for comparing files in local workspaces against their original (workspace version) content.
Public class DiffItemPendingChangeBase Represents the original content of the file that contains a pending change.
Public class DiffItemShelvedChange Represents a shelved change that was prepared for difference operations.
Public class DiffItemVersionedFile Represents a versioned file that was prepared for difference operations.
Public class DuplicateChangeException Describes a DuplicateChangeException.
Public class DuplicateCheckinNoteFieldException Describes a DuplicateCheckinNoteFieldException.
Public class DuplicateExtensionException Describes a DuplicateExtensionException.
Public class DuplicateFileTypeException Describes a DuplicateFileTypeException.
Public class DuplicateItemFoundException Describes a DuplicateItemFoundException.
Public class DuplicateItemsInCheckInRequestException Describes a DuplicateItemsInCheckInRequestException.
Public class DuplicateServerItemException Describes a DuplicateServerItemException.
Public class DuplicateWorkingFolderException Describes a DuplicateWorkingFolderException.
Public class EmptyCheckInException Describes an EmptyCheckInException.
Public class ExceptionEventArgs Event arguments that describe actions on a nonfatal exception.
Public class ExistingParentFileException Describes an ExistingParentFileException.
Public class ExtendedItem Describes an extended item.
Public class ExtendedMerge Represents extended information about a merge.
Public class Failure Describes a failure.
Public class FeatureNotSupportedException Exception that is thrown by the client when a feature is not supported by the server.
Public class FileIdNotFoundException Describes a FileIdNotFoundException.
Public class FileType Represents the type of a file.
Public class FolderContentChangedEventArgs Event arguments describing a folder content changed event
Public class FolderContentException Describes a FolderContentException.
Public class FolderEditException Describes a FolderEditException.
Public class FutureDateException Describes a FutureDateException.
Public class GatedCheckinException Exception to indicate that a check-in was denied because of the gated check-in plugin.
Public class GenericException Describes a GenericException.
Public class GetLatestOnCheckoutDisabledException Describes a GetLatestOnCheckoutDisabledException.
Public class GetRequest Represents a request of the Get operation.
Public class GetStatus Represents the status of a Workspace.Get operation.
Public class GettingEventArgs Event arguments for the Getting event.
Public class GlobalSecurity Represents the global security settings of an item.
Public class IdentityDeletedException Describes an IdentityDeletedException.
Public class IdentityNotFoundException Describes an IdentityNotFoundException.
Public class IllegalCommentException Describes an IllegalCommentException.
Public class IllegalComputerNameException Describes an IllegalComputerNameException.
Public class IllegalFieldNameException Describes an IllegalFieldNameException.
Public class IllegalIdentityException Describes an IllegalIdentityException.
Public class IllegalLabelNameException Describes an IllegalLabelNameException.
Public class IllegalPolicyNameException Describes an IllegalPolicyNameException.
Public class IllegalServerItemException Describes an IllegalServerItemException.
Public class IllegalShelvesetException Describes an IllegalShelvesetException.
Public class IllegalShelvesetOwnerException Describes an IllegalShelvesetOwnerException.
Public class IllegalUrlException Describes an IllegalUrlException.
Public class IllegalVersionException Describes an IllegalVersionException.
Public class IllegalWorkspaceException Describes an IllegalWorkspaceException.
Public class IncompatibleChangeException Describes an IncompatibleChangeException.
Public class IncompatibleCompressionFormatException Describes an IncompatibleCompressionFormatException.
Public class IncompletePendingChangeException Describes an IncompletePendingChangeException.
Public class IncompleteUploadException Describes an IncompleteUploadException.
Public class InconsistentRequestTypesException Describes an InconsistentRequestTypesException.
Public class IncorrectSizeException Describes an IncorrectSizeException.
Public class InheritanceChange Represents an inheritance change.
Public class InvalidAcceptYoursException Describes an InvalidAcceptYoursException.
Public class InvalidAcceptYoursRenameTheirsException Describes an InvalidAcceptYoursRenameTheirsException.
Public class InvalidBranchCheckinOptionException Describes an InvalidBranchCheckinOptionException.
Public class InvalidCheckinDateException The exception that is thrown when checkin date is invalid.
Public class InvalidCheckinTicketException Describes a SecurityConfigurationException.
Public class InvalidConflictIdException Describes an InvalidConflictIdException.
Public class InvalidExtensionException Describes an InvalidExtensionException.
Public class InvalidFileIdException Describes an InvalidFileIdException.
Public class InvalidFileTypeException Exception to indicate that the specified file type is not valid.
Public class InvalidIdentityException Describes an InvalidIdentityException.
Public class InvalidProjectPendingChangeException Describes an InvalidProjectPendingChangeException.
Public class InvalidResolutionException Describes an InvalidResolutionException.
Public class InvalidSqlDateException Describes an InvalidSqlDateException.
Public class InvalidVersionSpecException Exception that is thrown when something is wrong with the syntax of a version specification.
Public class InvalidVersionSpecForOperationException Describes an InvalidVersionSpecForOperationException.
Public class Item Represents a committed version of a file or folder in the version control server.
Public class ItemCloakedException Describes an ItemCloakedException.
Public class ItemDeletedException Describes an ItemDeletedException.
Public class ItemExistsException Describes an ItemExistsException.
Public class ItemIdentifier Represents a unique identifier for an item.
Public class ItemLockedException Describes an ItemLockedException.
Public class ItemMerge Represents a merge of two items.
Public class ItemNotCheckedOutException Describes an ItemNotCheckedOutException.
Public class ItemNotFoundException Describes an ItemNotFoundException.
Public class ItemNotMappedException Describes a RollbackInvalidVersionSpecException.
Public class ItemProperties Encapsulates a set of properties associated with a path.
Public class ItemRequiredException Describes an ItemRequiredException.
Public class ItemSecurity Represents the security of an item.
Public class ItemSet Represents the results of a QueryItem operation.
Public class ItemSpec Represents one or more files or folders on the local machine or on the version-control server.
Public class LabelDuplicateItemException Describes a LabelDuplicateItemException.
Public class LabelExistsException Describes a LabelExistsException.
Public class LabelHasChildrenException Describes a LabelHasChildrenException.
Public class LabelItemSpec Represents an item that is being labeled.
Public class LabelNotFoundException Describes a LabelNotFoundException.
Public class LabelNotUniqueException Describes a LabelNotUniqueException.
Public class LabelOwnerChangeException Describes a LabelOwnerChangeException.
Public class LabelPendingAddException Describes a LabelPendingAddException.
Public class LabelResult Encapsulates a label together with scope and status properties.
Public class LabelVersionSpec Represents version as a label.
Public class LatestVersionDeletedException Describes a LatestVersionDeletedException.
Public class LatestVersionSpec Represents the latest valid version in the repository.
Public class LoadFailurePolicyType Represents a failure in the attempt to load a policy type.
Public class LocalItemExclusionEvaluator An LocalItemExclusionEvaluator is an evaluator for local item exclusions.
Public class LocalItemOutOfDateException Describes a LocalItemOutOfDateException.
Public class LocalItemRequiredException Describes a LocalItemRequiredException.
Public class LocalPathTooLongException Describes a LocalPathTooLongException.
Public class LocalVersion Encapsulates a local item together with information about item and version.
Public class LocalVersionNotFoundException Describes a LocalVersionNotFoundException.
Public class LocalWorkspaceRequiredException Represents an exception that occurs when a local workplace is required.
Public class LongPathInWorkspaceRequires2012QU1Exception
Public class Mapping Describes a mapping that links an item on the server to an item on the local machine.
Public class MappingConflictException Exception to indicate that the workspace contains conflicting working folders.
Public class MappingException Describes a RollbackInvalidVersionSpecException.
Public class MaxRowsEvaluatedException Describes a MaxRowsEvaluatedException.
Public class MergeCandidate Represents a changeset candidate for merge.
Public class MergeConflictExistsException Describes a MergeConflictExistsException.
Public class MergeDoNotHaveTargetLocallyException Describes a MergeDoNotHaveTargetLocallyException.
Public class MergeEditDeleteException Describes a MergeEditDeleteException.
Public class MergeEventArgs Arguments describing a merge operation on a single item.
Public class MergeSource Represents the source of a merge.
Public class MergeTargetCloakedException Describes a MergeTargetCloakedException.
Public class MergeTargetFileSourceDirectoryException Describes a MergeTargetFileSourceDirectoryException.
Public class MergeTargetNotMappedException Describes a MergeTargetNotMappedException.
Public class MergeTargetPathAlreadyHasPendingMergeException Describes a MergeTargetPathAlreadyHasPendingMergeException.
Public class MergeTargetPathHasIncompatiblePendingChangeException Describes a MergeTargetPathHasIncompatiblePendingChangeException.
Public class MergeTargetPathHasNamespacePendingChangeConflictException Describes a MergeTargetPathHasNamespacePendingChangeConflictException.
Public class MissingBaselineException The exception that is thrown when baseline file is missing.
Public class MissingParentIsRenameOrUndeleteException Describes a MissingParentIsRenameOrUndeleteException.
Public class MultipleWorkspacesFoundException Represents the MultipleWorkspacesFoundException.
Public class MustUndeleteParentException Describes a MustUndeleteParentException.
Public class NoChangesToShelveException Describes a NoChangesToShelveException.
Public class NoLockExistsException Describes a NoLockExistsException.
Public class NoMergeRelationshipException Describes a NoMergeRelationshipException.
Public class NotAllowedOnFolderException Describes a NotAllowedOnFolderException.
Public class NotPermittedForLocalWorkspaceException Represents an action that is performed on a local workspace that is not permitted for a local workspace.
Public class NotWorkspaceOwnerException Describes a NotWorkspaceOwnerException.
Public class OnlyOneWorkspaceException Exception to indicate that the files that were specified span more than one workspace.
Public class OperationEventArgs Event arguments for file transfers (uploads and downloads).
Public class OwnerRequiredException Describes an OwnerRequiredException.
Public class PartialRenameConflictException Describes a PartialRenameConflictException.
Public class PendingChange Represents a change that has not been committed to the repository.
Public class PendingChangeChangedException Describes a PendingChangeChangedException.
Public class PendingChangeContentNotFoundException Describes a PendingChangeContentNotFoundException.
Public class PendingChangeEventArgs Event arguments that describe actions on a pending change.
Public class PendingChangeMergeConflictExistsException Describes a PendingChangeMergeConflictExistsException.
Public class PendingChildException Describes a PendingChildException.
Public class PendingDeleteConflictChangeException Describes a PendingDeleteConflictChangeException.
Public class PendingLocalVersionMismatchException Describes a PendingLocalVersionMismatchException.
Public class PendingParentDeleteException Describes a PendingParentDeleteException.
Public class PendingSet Represents a set of PendingChange objects.
Public class PermissionChange Represents a permission change.
Public class PluginHasMultipleInterfacesException Describes a PluginHasMultipleInterfacesException.
Public class PolicyBase Base class to inherit for a new check-in policy.
Public class PolicyEnvelope Encapsulates a policy instance together with some other properties.
Public class PolicyFailure Describes a failure in policy evaluation.
Public class PolicyFailureInfo Contains information about a policy failure.
Public class PolicyList Manages a list of loaded policies for a set of pending changes.
Public class PolicyOverrideInfo Contains information about an override of policy failures.
Public class PolicyStateChangedEventArgs The policy and list of failures that are associated with a PolicyStateChanged event.
Public class PolicyType A class that represents a type of policy and allows new instances to be created.
Public class ProcessingChangeEventArgs Event arguments describing the change being processed.
Public class PropertiesMergeSummary Represents the properties merge summary.
Public class ProxyInfo Information about a proxy server connection.
Public class QueryHistoryParameters Represents all the parameters that are required to call the QueryHistory method on the VersionControlServer object.
Public class ReconcileFailedException Represents the reconcile failed exception.
Public class RenameWorkingFolderException Describes a RenameWorkingFolderException.
Public class RepositoryNotFoundException Exception that is thrown when a repository at the specified URL was not found or could not be accessed.
Public class RepositoryPathTooLongDetailedException
Public class RepositoryPathTooLongDueToDeletedItemsException
Public class RepositoryPathTooLongException Describes a RepositoryPathTooLongException.
Public class RepositoryProperties Describes the global properties of this repository.
Public class ReservedAnnotationException Describes a ReservedAnnotationException.
Public class ResolutionOptions Options to control how the conflict is resolved.
Public class ResolvedConflictEventArgs Event arguments describing a resolved conflict.
Public class ResourceAccessException Exception that is thrown when an access check fails.
Public class RollbackInvalidOptionException Describes a RollbackInvalidOptionException.
Public class RollbackInvalidVersionSpecException Describes a RollbackInvalidVersionSpecException.
Public class RootInheritanceException Describes a RootInheritanceException.
Public class SavedCheckin Represents a saved check-in try.
Public class SecurityChange Describes the properties of a SecurityChange class that are relevant to the repository.
Public class SecurityConfigurationException Describes a SecurityConfigurationException.
Public class SecurityException Describes a SecurityException.
Public class ServerItemException Describes a ServerItemException.
Public class ServerItemRequiredException Describes a ServerItemRequiredException.
Public class ServerSettings Represents the server settings and its components.
Public class SetWorkspaceLocationProgressEventArgs Event arguments describing the state of the workspace conversion (server to local, or local to server).
Public class ShelvedChangeNotFoundException Describes a ShelvedChangeNotFoundException.
Public class ShelveException Exception to indicate that problems occurred that prevented a shelveset from being committed to the server.
Public class ShelveMergeConflictExistsException Describes a ShelveMergeConflictExistsException.
Public class Shelveset A server-side collection of pending changes and associated metadata.
Public class ShelvesetCheckInParameters Represents the information that is required to check in a shelveset.
Public class ShelvesetExistsException Describes a ShelvesetExistsException.
Public class ShelvesetNotFoundException Describes a ShelvesetNotFoundException.
Public class ShelvesetUpdatedEventArgs Event arguments for the update of a shelveset.
Public class ShelvingPartialRenameConflictException Describes a ShelvingPartialRenameConflictException.
Public class TargetCloakedException Describes a TargetCloakedException.
Public class TargetHasPendingChangeException Describes a TargetHasPendingChangeException.
Public class TargetIsChildException Describes a TargetIsChildException.
Public class TeamProject Represents a team project with respect to Version Control functionalities.
Public class TeamProjectCannotDeleteException Describes a TeamProjectCannotDeleteException.
Public class TeamProjectFolderCreatedEventArgs Event arguments for creation of a team project folder
Public class TeamProjectFolderOptions Represents options for a team project folder.
Public class TeamProjectFolderPermission Represents permissions on a team project folder.
Public class TeamProjectNotEmptyException Describes a TeamProjectNotEmptyException.
Public class TeamProjectNotFoundException Describes a TeamProjectNotFoundException.
Public class ThreeWayMerge Contains the methods to perform a three-way merge.
Public class ToolProviderConstants Constants used by tool providers.
Public class ToolProviderCookieGenerator The cookie generator. Uses a basic random number generator
Public class TrackMergesExceededMaxBranchesLimitException Describes a TrackMergesExceededMaxBranchesLimitException.
Public class UnableToLoadLocalPropertiesTableException Describes the UnableToLoadLocalPropertiesTableException.
Public class UnableToLoadLocalVersionTableException The exception that is thrown when local workspace version table cannot be loaded.
Public class UnableToLoadPendingChangesTableException Describes the UnableToLoadPendingChangesTableException class.
Public class UndeleteAboveUnrelatedItemException Describes an UndeleteAboveUnrelatedItemException.
Public class UndeleteNewNameNotSupportedException Describes an UndeleteNewNameNotSupportedException.
Public class UnshelveException Exception to indicate that problems occurred that prevented the unshelving of a shelveset.
Public class UnshelveShelvesetEventArgs Argument for UnshelveShelveset event.
Public class UnshelvingPartialRenameException Describes a ShelvingPartialRenameConflictException.
Public class UpdateLocalVersionQueue Represents a queue that is used to update the local version table of the workspace.
Public class UpdateWorkspaceParameters An UpdateWorkspaceParameters object encapsulates all the information that is required to call Workspace.Update.
Public class UploadFileException Thrown when an exception occurs on upload file.
Public class VersionConflictException Describes a VersionConflictException.
Public class VersionControlArtifactProvider Provides methods to retrieve version control artifacts according to the object model.
Public class VersionControlException This API supports the Team Foundation Server infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public class VersionControlLabel Represents a version control label.
Public class VersionControlServer Represents the version control repository.
Public class VersionSpec A utility class to parse version specifications.
Public class Warning Represents a warning.
Public class WebMethodNotSupportedException Describes a WebMethodNotSupportedException.
Public class WildcardNotAllowedException Describes a WildcardNotAllowedException.
Public class WorkingFolder Represents a working folder setting.
Public class WorkingFolderCreationException Describes a WorkingFolderCreationException.
Public class WorkingFolderException Describes a WorkingFolderException.
Public class WorkingFolderInUseException Describes a WorkingFolderInUseException.
Public class WorkItemCheckedInfo Represents supplementary information about a work item.
Public class WorkItemCheckinInfo Represents information about a work item checkin.
Public class WorkItemsUpdateEventArgs Event argument providing information about the work items in an update.
Public class WorkItemUpdatedEventArgs Event arguments describing actions on a transitioned work item.
Public class WorkItemUpdateException Exception for a failure that occurred during update of a work item.
Public class Workspace Describes the properties and methods of a workspace. For more information about how to use this type, see Team Foundation Build Activities.
Public class WorkspaceCancelEventArgs Arguments for a workspace cancel event.
Public class WorkspaceCheckInParameters Represents the information that is required to check in pending changes located in a workspace.
Public class WorkspaceCreationException Describes a WorkspaceCreationException.
Public class WorkspaceDeletedException Describes the WorkspaceDeletedException.
Public class WorkspaceDeletionException Describes a WorkspaceDeletionException.
Public class WorkspaceEventArgs Event arguments for workspace changes.
Public class WorkspaceException Describes a WorkspaceException.
Public class WorkspaceExistsException Describes a WorkspaceExistsException.
Public class WorkspaceInfo Contains the properties of a cached local workspace.
Public class WorkspaceItem Used by QueryWorkspaceItems to represent an item. Inherits all fields from Item.
Public class WorkspaceItemSet Represents a collection of workspace items.
Public class WorkspaceNotFoundException Describes a WorkspaceNotFoundException.
Public class WorkspacePermissionProfile A class that encapsulates a set of permissions for a workspace.
Public class WorkspacePersistedMetadataTables Disposable object which causes the cached copies of the local metadata tables to be strongly rooted in the garbage collector's object graph, if the attached workspace is a local workspace (WorkspaceLocation.Local).
Public class WorkspaceRequiresComputerNameException Exception thrown when a computer name is required for the workspace.
Public class WorkspaceSuppressAsynchronousScanner Disposable object which suppresses the asynchronous scanner on the attached workspace, if the attached workspace is a local workspace (WorkspaceLocation.Local).
Public class WorkspaceVersionSpec Specifies a version based on a workspace name/owner.
Public class WorkspaceVersionTableException Thrown when the workspace version table file is corrupted or not able to be loaded.
Public class Workstation A class that represents a computer and the Source Control state on it.


  Structure Description
Public structure EncodingDescription Represents an encoding description.


  Interface Description
Public interface IDiffItem Interface for an item that was prepared for difference (diff) operations.
Public interface ILocalUpdateOperation Represents an operation that is returned by the server to be used by the client to update the local disk.
Public interface IPendingChangeEventArgs Represents an interface that defines the pending changes event arguments.
Public interface IPendingCheckin An interface that provides data for policies.
Public interface IPendingCheckinNotes Information about the check-in notes portion of the pending check in.
Public interface IPendingCheckinPendingChanges Information about the pending changes component of the pending check-in.
Public interface IPendingCheckinPolicies Information about the policies portion of the pending check-in.
Public interface IPendingCheckinWorkItems Information about the work items portion of the pending check-in.
Public interface IPolicyCompatibility This interface is used for backward compatibility for checkin policies that have been moved to new types or assemblies.
Public interface IPolicyDefinition An interface to interact with the design time behavior of a policy. It is designed to allow lists of policy instances to be displayed and edited.
Public interface IPolicyEditArgs An interface to specify the policy edit context.
Public interface IPolicyEvaluation An interface to interact with the run-time behavior of policies (for example, for evaluation).
Public interface IToolExecutionResult Interface defining the result of the execute operation
Public interface IToolProvider Interface defining the operation provider for TFS Visual Studio client OM


  Delegate Description
Public delegate AffectedTeamProjectsEventHandler The event that describes a list of team projects.
Public delegate AfterWorkItemsUpdatedEventHandler Handler used to signal the end of a work item update.
Public delegate BeforeWorkItemsUpdateEventHandler Handler used to signal the start of a work item update.
Public delegate BranchObjectCreatedEventHandler Handler for branch object created.
Public delegate BranchObjectDeletedEventHandler Handler for branch object deleted.
Public delegate BranchObjectUpdatedEventHandler Handler for branch object updated.
Public delegate ChangesetReconciledEventHandler Handler for reconcile to changeset events
Public delegate CommitCheckinEventHandler Handler for committed check-ins
Public delegate CommitShelvesetEventHandler Handler for committing shelvesets.
Public delegate CommittedBranchCreatedEventHandler Handler for a committed branch created event.
Public delegate ConflictEventHandler Handler for all conflict events.
Public delegate DeletedShelvesetEventHandler Handler for deleting shelvesets.
Public delegate DestroyedEventHandler Handler for destroying items.
Public delegate ExceptionEventHandler Handler for all Exception events.
Public delegate FolderContentChangedEventHandler Handler for folder content changed events
Public delegate GetFilterCallback This delegate type provides the ability to filter the results of a get after the server request but before the results are processed locally. See the Workspace Get() method.
Public delegate GettingEventHandler Event handler for a Getting event that is raised during a get operation.
Public delegate MergeEventHandler Handler for all Merge events.
Public delegate OperationEventHandler Handler to start and finish operations.
Public delegate PendingChangeEventHandler Handler for all PendingChange events.
Public delegate PolicyStateChangedHandler The event handler for asynchronous changes in policy state.
Public delegate ProcessingChangeEventHandler Handler for processing change events (CheckIn() and Shelve()).
Public delegate ResolvedConflictEventHandler Handler for all resolved conflict events.
Public delegate SetWorkspaceLocationProgressEventHandler Handler for progress events when workspace location is updated.
Public delegate ShelvesetUpdatedEventHandler Handler for the update of a shelveset.
Public delegate TeamProjectFolderCreatedEventHandler Handler for creation of a team project folder.
Public delegate UndonePendingChangeEventHandler Handler for all undone change events.
Public delegate UnshelveShelvesetEventHandler Handler for unshelving shelvesets.
Public delegate WorkItemUpdatedEventHandler Handler for all work item transitioned events.
Public delegate WorkspaceCancelEventHandler Handler for a workspace cancel event.
Public delegate WorkspaceEventHandler Handler for workspace changes.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AutoResolveOptions Enum specifying which conflicts will be resolved as automerge
Public enumeration ChangeType Describes the type of change that applied to an item.
Public enumeration CheckinEvaluationOptions Options for check-in evaluation. Specifies which aspects of the check-in should be evaluated.
Public enumeration CheckinOptions Check-in options.
Public enumeration CheckinWorkItemAction Check-in action on the work item.
Public enumeration ConflictType Describes the conflict type.
Public enumeration DeletedState Describes the deleted state of an item.
Public enumeration GetItemsOptions Options for the GetItems and GetItem calls.
Public enumeration GetOptions Options for the Get operation.
Public enumeration ItemType Describes the item type.
Public enumeration LabelChildOption Enumeration for LabelItem to determine what is to be done with children.
Public enumeration LabelResultStatus The status of a label.
Public enumeration LockLevel Valid locking levels. Used in the LockLevel property of PendingChange.
Public enumeration MergeOptions Describes merge options.
Public enumeration OperationEventType These operations have notifications for the start and finish of events.
Public enumeration OperationStatus Describes the status of a get operation.
Public enumeration PendingSetType Used to distinguish workspaces from pending sets in QueryPendingChanges calls.
Public enumeration PolicyEvaluationState Possible states for policy evaluation.
Public enumeration RecursionType Describes the type of the recursion.
Public enumeration RequestType Describes the type of the request.
Public enumeration Resolution Describes the resolution of a conflict.
Public enumeration SeverityType Describes the severity of a notification.
Public enumeration ShelvingOptions Options for how to perform the shelving operation.
Public enumeration ToolOperations Enum for the existing supported operations
Public enumeration UpdateLocalVersionQueueOptions Options to control where and how the local versions are updated.
Public enumeration VersionControlArtifactType Describes the version control artifact type.
Public enumeration WarningType Describes the type of a warning.
Public enumeration WebServiceLevel Represents the version of the web services on the server. For the value PreTfs2010, check for specific features using the VersionControlServer.SupportedFeatures property.
Public enumeration WorkingFolderType Describes the type of a working folder.
Public enumeration WorkItemCheckinAction Describes the check-in action for work items.
Public enumeration WorkspaceEventSource Describes the source of a workspace event.
Public enumeration WorkspacePermissionProfile.BuiltInIndexes Indexes into the WorkspacePermissionProfile.BuiltInProfiles array.
Public enumeration WorkspacePermissions Describes the permissions the current user has on the workspace.