IWMWriterPostView interface

The IWMWriterPostView interface manages advanced writing functionality related to the postviewing of samples. Postviewing displays the media samples as a viewer of the ASF file would see them, and is often used after encoding to check the output. Postviewing is supported only for video.

This interface can be obtained from any interface on the writer object by calling QueryInterface.


The IWMWriterPostView interface has these methods.

Method Description
IWMWriterPostView::GetAllocateForPostView The GetAllocateForPostView method ascertains whether the application, and not the writer, must supply the buffers.
IWMWriterPostView::GetPostViewFormat The GetPostViewFormat method retrieves the media properties for the specified output stream and output format.
IWMWriterPostView::GetPostViewFormatCount The GetPostViewFormatCount method is used for ascertaining all possible format types supported for the specified stream.
IWMWriterPostView::GetPostViewProps The GetPostViewProps method retrieves the properties for the specified output stream.
IWMWriterPostView::GetReceivePostViewSamples The GetReceivePostViewSamples method retrieves a flag indicating whether delivery of postview samples has been turned on for the specified stream.
IWMWriterPostView::SetAllocateForPostView The SetAllocateForPostView method specifies whether the application, and not the writer, must supply the buffers.
IWMWriterPostView::SetPostViewCallback The SetPostViewCallback method specifies the callback interface to use for receiving postview samples.
IWMWriterPostView::SetPostViewProps The SetPostViewProps method specifies the format for the specified output stream.
IWMWriterPostView::SetReceivePostViewSamples The SetReceivePostViewSamples method enables or disables delivery of postview samples for the specified stream.


Target Platform Windows
Header wmsdkidl.h

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