EnvironmentVariable Fields

Applies To: Windows 8.1

Public Fields

  Name Description
public field static AxeBinaryPath The path to the AxeCore.dll.
public field static ExecutionPath  
public field static JobFile The fully qualified path to the job file that contains the assessments that are being executed.
public field static RebootIteration The number of times the system has restarted while the assessment has been running.
public field static ResultsPath Assessments can use this parameter to determine where their own results should be placed. After each assessment finishes running, its single "Results.xml" file is integrated with the overall job "Results.xml" file. When all assessments are finished running, the results path for all assessments will be packaged up with the results from all the other assessments in the job in a final results package. An assessment should produce one or more results files conforming to the AXE Results Schema Design in this directory.
public field static RunIndex The 0-based index of the current assessment in the list of assessments contained within the job.
public field static TempPath Assessments can use this parameter to determine where it can store temporary data and state while the assessment is running. For example, if the assessment includes rebooting the system, the assessment needs to record its state before rebooting the system so it knows where to resume when the assessment is invoked again. Such state information should be recorded in this temporary location.AXE will use the standard Windows Temporary directory as root. This lets Windows clean up temporary data in case AXE fails to due to a crash or other failure. AXE will recursively delete all the data in this directory after the assessment as exited. Note that there is a job flag that disables this deletion. This is designed for debugging assessment problems during development.
public field static UniqueSession A unique identifier for the assessment that is valid as long as the assessment is running.

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