About New Documentation for this Release

The Microsoft HTML Help 1.3 release contains the following new and updated documentation components.

An updated HTML Help Authoring Guide

Documentation on all new features (the Favorites tab, advanced full-text search, automatically hiding the Navigation pane, and adding a full-text search stop list) has been added.

Information about accessibility, working with links, context-sensitive help, adding shortcut buttons, using command line switches, the HTML markup feature, and using custom image files in the table of contents, has also been added.

The table of contents and index have been revised and the cascading style sheets have been updated to include Dynamic HTML (DHTML) mouseovers. Advanced full-text search and a Favorites tab have been added. The new HTML Help ActiveX control reference is merged with the HTML Help Information Guide, demonstrating the use of merged contents (.hhc) and index (.hhk) files.

An updated HTML Help ActiveX control reference

The HTML Help ActiveX control reference has not been updated for the 1.3 release.

A new Methods section has been added and scripting examples have been updated.

A new HTML Help API reference

The HTML Help API reference is now a comprehensive reference with useful information on the HTML Help API, complete with sample calls. This reference has been updated for the 1.3 release.

A new HTML Help script and DHTML examples section

The script and DHTML examples section shows you how to create dynamic elements for your help system and provides step-by-step examples of actual script and DHTML elements used in the HTML Help documentation.

Updated HTML Help Viewer topics

This documentation has been updated to include new 1.3 compiler features and accessibility information. New topics are included for advanced full-text search, the Favorites tab, and shortcut keys.

Help authors can use any of the Help Viewer topics in their own help systems. This file can be found on the HTML Help Web site

About New Features in this Release