Failover Cluster Reference

This section describes the programming elements that developers can use to create applications and resources that access, manage, and monitor failover clusters.

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Failover Cluster API Reference

Describes the programming elements of the Failover Cluster API, which you can use for these tasks:

  • Define software and hardware component types to manage on a failover cluster.
  • Run clustering tasks that increase the scalability and availability of the application.
  • Monitor and control failover clusters.

Failover Cluster Automation Server Reference

Describes the programming elements of the Cluster Automation Server, which allows web applications to monitor and administer failover clusters remotely through scripting languages.

Cluster-Aware Updating Plug-in Reference

Describes the WMI provider and APIs that you can use to create plug-ins for the Cluster-Aware Updating (CAU) tool. CAU automates the software updating process on clustered servers while maintaining availability.

Failover Cluster APIs

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Using the Failover Cluster APIs

Failover Cluster Provider Reference