ScheduleRequest.GetExtendedProperty Method

Gets the value of a specified property from the recording request.


public object GetExtendedProperty(
  string  name



System.String.  Specifies the name of the property to retrieve. The following properties can be retrieved:

Name Description Object type
Title Title of the recording request. string
ServiceID Unique identifier representing the service. string
ChannelID Unique identifier representing the channel. string
KeepUntil Indicates how long to keep the recorded files from this recording request. The following values are possible:

-3: Latest recordings

-2: Keep until I watch

-1: Keep until space needed

0: Keep until I delete

1 or more: Number of days to keep

Quality The recording quality, which can be one of the following values:

0: Fair

1: Good

2: Better

3: Best

Priority Unique value representing the priority. The highest priority is 0. int
RequestType Type of request (such as Manual, Keyword, Series, or Onetime) string

Return Value

System.Object.  The object representing the property. The object type depends on the property. If the specified property does not exist, this method returns null. This method raises an ArgumentNullException if the name is null. This method raises an EventScheduleException for any other errors.


Reference: ehRecObj

Namespace: Microsoft.MediaCenter.TV.Scheduling

Assembly: ehRecObj.dll

Platform: Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Home Premium, and later

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