Multiple Site Server Hierarchy with Device Imaging


In this example, the hierarchy is similar to that of the Multiple Site Server Hierarchy example, but the Device Imaging service is installed on each of the primary site servers that have Device Manager 2011 installed. For optimal performance, the device imaging solution is connected to the devices to which it deploys images using a network connection with high bandwidth and low latency.

The following illustration shows a site server hierarchy that includes layered primary site servers with Device Imaging service installed on the primary site servers marked with 4 in the illustration. The operating system deployment is done by using a set of device imaging solution servers that are local to each set of devices.

An installation of DeviceMgr 2011, with DI support

The following are highlighted by number in the preceding illustration:

  1. Configuration Manager central site server with Device Manager 2011
  2. Device Manager 2011 device imaging solution server
  3. Configuration Manager primary site server without Device Manager 2011
  4. Configuration Manager primary site servers that are managing devices by using Device Manager 2011, and that have the Device Imaging service installed
  5. Configuration Manager secondary site servers that include devices managed by the parent primary site server

Having Device Imaging service installed on each primary site server with Device Manager 2011 lets you distribute new device images to any devices in the hierarchy, while making efficient use of network bandwidth. The dotted lines in the illustration represent the connection between the device imaging solution servers and the devices. All report data and inventory data replicates up the hierarchy. Such data also replicates through a primary site server that does not have Device Manager 2011 installed, as represented by computer 3 in the illustration. A primary site server that has Device Manager 2011 installed can manage and configure devices through a secondary server, as represented by the computers labeled 5 in the illustration. Another variation is the ability to have parent and child primary site servers that have Device Manager 2011 installed, indicated by the nested primary site servers labeled 4 in the center of the illustration. You can view reports for the whole hierarchy from the central site server as indicated by the small report grid in the illustration.

For more information about how to install or upgrade to Device Manager 2011 with Service Pack 1 (SP1), see Device Manager 2011 Server Installation.

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