Remote Heap Walker (Windows CE 5.0)

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Remote Heap Walker displays information about the following:

  • Heap identifiers and flags for each process running on a target device.

    You can use Remote Heap Walker from the Visual Studio development environment, or from Platform Builder.

    To use Remote Heap Walker from Platform Builder, you must first connect to the target device with Platform Manager. For more information about connecting to a target device with Platform Manager, see Application Connectivity.

  • System memory that a process uses. The tool can help you to determine whether an application is releasing the memory it allocates.

The following table shows the three windows of Remote Heap Walker.

Window Description
Process_List Default window for Remote Heap Walker. This window shows the name of the flag associated with the default heap for each process.

From this window, you can open a Heap_List window for each process.

Heap_List Contains information about the selected process.

The terms fixed and free apply to a block within the heap.

  • A Fixed flag means the object cannot be discarded.
  • A Free flag means the object can be discarded.
Heap_Dump Displays information related to the selected memory address.

From the Heap_List window, you can open this window for each memory address.

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