Ws2def.h (Reference)

This section contains kernel mode network driver reference topics for the Ws2def.h header. This header is included in the Windows SDK as it is also shared with user mode networking applications.

The Ws2def.h header contains definitions for the Winsock2 specification. It is included in Winsock2.h. User mode applications should include Winsock2.h rather than including Ws2def.h directly. Ws2def.h cannot be included by a module that also includes Winsock.h.


This section's header topics contain pages for network driver reference: structures, enumerations, functions, and callbacks.

For more information about definitions, macros, OIDs, status indications, and other data structures that are not part of network driver reference for this header, see Ws2def.h.

In this section

Topic Description


The CMSGHDR structure defines the header for a control data object that is associated with a datagram.


The SOCKADDR structure is a generic structure that specifies a transport address.


The SOCKADDR_IN structure specifies a transport address and port for the AF_INET address family.


The SOCKADDR_STORAGE structure is a generic structure that specifies a transport address.


The SOCKET_ADDRESS_LIST structure defines a variable-sized list of transport addresses.

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