Data Link Control

Data Link Control (DLC) protocol, as implemented in Microsoft® Windows® 2000, provides connectivity to IBM mainframes and to local area network (LAN) print devices attached directly to the network. DLC is a non-routable protocol used only on computers performing these tasks and is not configured as a primary protocol for use between workstation computers. A device driver for the DLC protocol interface is also included with Windows 2000.

In This Chapter

Overview of Data Link Control

Installing the DLC Protocol

DLC Driver Parameters in the Registry

Communicating with SNA Hosts Using DLC

Using DLC to Connect to Print Devices

Additional Resources

  • For more information about DLC and network printing, see "Network Printing" in the Microsoft ®  Windows ®  2000 Server Resource Kit Server Operations Guide .

  • For more information about IBM interoperability, see "Interoperability with IBM Host Systems" in this book.