Simple Network Management Protocol

To answer the challenges of designing an effective network management platform for heterogeneous Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)–based networks, the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) was defined in 1988 and approved as an Internet standard in 1990 by the Internet Activities Board (IAB). SNMP service provides the ability to monitor and communicate status information between a variety of hosts. This chapter provides an administrator with the background and conceptual material necessary to understand and implement SNMP within the context of Microsoft® Windows® 2000.

In This Chapter

What is SNMP?

Overview of SNMP

Windows 2000 SNMP Agent Properties


Architecture of Windows 2000 SNMP

Special Considerations in Implementing SNMP

SNMP Tools

Registry Settings

Troubleshooting SNMP

  • For information about securing SNMP messages, see "Internet Protocol Security" in this book.

  • For more information about MIB object types, see "MIB Object Types" in this book

  • For more information about installing and configuring Microsoft SNMP service, see Windows 2000 Server Help.