Privacy and Security Considerations


Applies To: Windows MultiPoint Server 2012

Because your MultiPoint Server system is, by design, a shared computing environment, you should consider the following privacy and safe computing issues.

Privacy in a MultiPoint Server system

The capabilities of MultiPoint Server to share or keep private user documents may be new to you, other administrative users, MultiPoint Dashboard users, or standard users on your MultiPoint Server system. In MultiPoint Dashboard, administrators who click the Desktops tab can see screen activity on all active standard user desktops. Standard users are notified when they log on to the MultiPoint Server system, and must accept this monitoring in order to proceed. For more information about how to share content or keep it private, see Manage User Files.

Security in a MultiPoint Server system

Shared computing resources, such as a MultiPoint Server system, may be prone to security threats due to the potentially large number of users of the system and the easy access to station hardware devices and wires. As an administrative user of your MultiPoint Server system, be aware of the following considerations:

  • A malicious user may attempt to insert a keystroke logger or similar device at a MultiPoint Server station hub. If you see devices attached to any ports on your MultiPoint Server system that you do not recognize, consider it suspect and follow the security escalation guidelines of your organization.

  • Become familiar with the security and safe computing capabilities in Windows. These include Windows automatic updating and support for firewalls, virus protection, and spyware and other malware protection.


For more information about how to use safe computing in Windows, search for privacy in Windows Help and Support. For more information about how to use Windows Help and Support, see the Use Windows Server Help topic.

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