explicitValue Attribute

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The explicitValue attribute is a Boolean value. If true, the user must specify the registry subkey name and the registry subkey value. The list box shows two columns, one for the name and one for the data.

If false, the user specifies only the registry subkey value. The registry subkey name is created automatically.




true represents create a two-column list showing registry subkey name and registry subkey value and

false represents only apply the new values from the list box.


The explicitValue attribute is an optional attribute. The explicitValue attribute will be set to false, by default. This option cannot be used with the valuePrefix attribute.


This XML fragment example specifies a list element that appends the existing subkeys to the ones that would be specified through the list box associated with this list element.

<list id="Sample_ListBox_SingleColumn_Param"


additive="true" />

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