Using your server to publish live content from Microsoft Expression Encoder

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

This section demonstrates how to use Windows Media Services to stream live content that it pulls from a computer running Microsoft Expression Encoder. The user experience is similar to watching a traditional television program or tuning into a radio broadcast. The user can watch or listen to the content, but does not have the ability to pause, fast-forward, or rewind it.

For this task, you must have a separate computer running Expression Encoder that has an audio or video capture card. The live stream is encoded from an attached video camera, VCR, or microphone.

To publish live content from Expression Encoder

  1. On the computer running Expression Encoder, create a Live Broadcasting session.

  2. In Expression Encoder, configure Broadcast mode for the Live Broadcasting session. This mode is also referred to as pull mode because other sources are pulling the content from Expression Encoder. For more information about how to configure Broadcast mode, see Set Live Broadcasting Output options.

  3. Create a new broadcast publishing point on the Windows Media server by using the Add Publishing Point Wizard:

    • In the console tree, expand the server from which you want to stream the content, and then click the Publishing Points item.

    • On the Action menu, click Add Publishing Point (Wizard).

  4. In the Add Publishing Point Wizard, do the following:

    • On the Welcome page, click Next.

    • On the Publishing Point Name page, type a name for the new publishing point.

    • On the Content Type page, click Encoder.

    • On the Publishing Point Type page, click Broadcast publishing point.

    • On the Delivery Options for Broadcast Publishing Points page, click Unicast.

  5. Using the wizard, configure the following settings to enable the publishing point to receive content from the encoder:

    • On the Encoder URL page, type the encoder URL using the following syntax: http://*encoder*:*port*.

    • On the Unicast Logging page, select the check box if you want to log data about your clients.

    • On the Publishing Point Summary page, verify that the settings for the new publishing point are correct.

    • On the Completing the Add Publishing Point Wizard page, select the Start publishing point when wizard finishes check box, clear the After this wizard finishes check box, and then click Finish.

Users can now connect to the live encoder stream by using the URL of your publishing point. The URL of a broadcast publishing point uses the following syntax: protocol://server/publishing_point (for example, mms://server1/my publishing point).

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