Rebroadcasting archived content (broadcast delay)

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

To rebroadcast archived content (broadcast delay)

  1. Create a broadcast publishing point (LiveStream) that sources from a live encoded stream.

  2. Configure and enable archiving for LiveStream.

  3. Start LiveStream.

  4. Create another broadcast publishing point (DelayedStream) that sources from the LiveStream archive file.

  5. Start DelayedStream after the delay period elapses.

    Clients can connect to DelayedStream to view the delayed LiveStream.


You can run the announcement wizards on the Announce tab of the Windows Media Services snap-in to help you create multicast information files (.nsc) for your broadcast publishing points (LiveStream and DelayedStream).
You can start DelayedStream automatically by sourcing from a server-side playlist that contains a wallclock timing value.
Clients that stream content from an archived file that is being written to cannot fast-forward or rewind the content until archiving stops.

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