Identifying Your Failover Cluster Deployment Goals

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The process of defining goals for high availability includes assessing user needs for applications and services and identifying the costs and risks associated with downtime of a particular application or service. The following table lists the major design tasks and provides links to related topics.

Design task Reference links

As needed, gather or review information about the deployment goals for your failover cluster, which include reviewing the requirements for availability for the applications and services used in your organization.

Evaluate predefined failover cluster deployment goals that are provided in this section of the guide, and combine one or more goals to reach your organizational objectives.

Map one goal or a combination of any of the predefined failover cluster deployment goals to an existing failover cluster design.

Mapping Your Deployment Goals to a Failover Cluster Design

Clarify how a particular design can support a set of deployment goals by reviewing an example of a design.

Evaluating Failover Cluster Design Examples

Additional references

For information about deploying a design that you have already created, see the Failover Cluster Deployment Guide (